Hello, I’m Nils.

Many years ago, I intuitively experienced this wonderful healing and energy technique at the moment of waking up in the morning.

Within a millisecond of boundless clarity, I saw and felt the exact process of channeling and focussing Qi or Life Energy and then using it as you like.

That morning, I ran down the stairs from the bedroom to try it out for the first time in the kitchen and living room. I was excited!

After several days, weeks and months of learning and deep understanding, I slowly began to recognize the versatility of this wonderful energy technique.

I gave it the name, Universal Energy Creations (UEC). As universal as the all surrounding and pervading Life Energy is, so versatile are the wonderful application possibilities of this healing and energy technique. With it, we create energetic creations that gradually transfer their healing and transforming powers into our spiritual and material world.

I used and practiced UEC for many years until I understood: This energy technique is not meant for me alone. Everyone who wants to open up to the energetic world should be able to learn and use it.

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