Better Wound Healing with UEC

A few days ago I received an e-mail from Susanne. She is an active participant in my free online UEC Practitioner course and had a great experience practicing this wonderful healing and energy technique.

Her friend’s dog had a nonhealing wound for six weeks. The vet prescribed a wound irrigation fluid (“Rebohexan”), which did not help even after several weeks.

Susanne then came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtreating the wound with a calendula tincture and at the same time she started sending direct healing energy to the small dog twice using the Universal Energy Creations technique.

The next day, Susanne asked her friend and got a photo sent. It was plain to see that the bloody irritation had disappeared, and the wound began to heal visibly! Another two weeks later, the wound (as seen on the right side of the photo) healed very well.

Now, of course, one might ask what percentage of the cure is due to treatment with calendula and how much is due to energetic healing with UEC. But I find this question pointless, because as I wrote in my blog article about green smoothies, healing should always be tackled on several levels at the same time.

Added to this is the insight of Susanne that even the inspiration to use Calendula is already part of an intentional healing process.

The result I find more than exciting: The vets could not help with their chemical solution here, but the nature in connection with healing energies all the more!

If you are curious now, then learn this wonderful energy and healing technique for free!