Learn new, exciting H&C applications for your everyday life

Have you read my free eBook “You are Healer and Creator” and are you ready for the next step? The H&C online workshops will give you the best way to establish your practice with Healer & Creator as a solid habit, and to get to know new, exciting H&C applications on an overarching theme.

During the four- to six-week online workshops, you can share with the other participants about specific H&C applications and your personal experiences in a “secret” Facebook group. This motivates you every day – a very valuable experience for beginners in particular! We also send healing energies to each other, deepening both our own abilities and our group experience.

My online workshops are perfect for you …

  • … if you need a supportive structure to work on at a deep, energetic levels.
  • … if you want to know new H&C applications and practice each one intensively for one week.
  • … if you can reserve 2 x 5 minutes daily for the H&C exercises.
  • … if you want to share your new experiences with other loved ones.

This is inclusive:

  • My personal welcome video gives you a good overview of what to expect.
  • Workshop documentation as a PDF file for printing (depending on the workshop with four or six H&C applications as well as further exercises and tasks).
  • Access to the closed Facebook group of the respective workshop: Here you can ask your personal questions, share your own experiences with the other participants and get you regularly motivated.
  • Mutual sending and receiving of H&C healing energies: During each workshop, we always send each other healing energies on Thursdays and Fridays with H&C (in some cases especially on the topic of the respective week)!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: If for some reason you do not like my online workshop, then just email me before the workshop ends and I’ll refund you the full participation fee.

Upcoming events

The H&C Online Workshops always start on Sundays, so you can start your week with a new Healer & Creator application.

Feel Protected!
Start: to be announced (4 weeks)

With these four new H&C applications, you can always feel protected and secure, in your own home and on the go. Look forward to an intensive joint practice time with an exchange of experiences:

  • Protection from Energy Vampires
  • Energetic House Cleaning
  • Expand Your Energy Field
  • Charge Lucky Charms Energetically

Your investment: 29 EUR

We Heal Our Chakras
Start: to be announced (6 weeks)

Six weeks of intense inner work awaits you to cleanse and heal your chakras. Each chakra has its own H&C application, which we practice together for one week and share each other’s experiences.

  • 1. Root Chakra
  • 2. Sacral Chakra
  • 3. Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 4. Heart Chakra
  • 5. Throat Chakra
  • 6. Forehead Chakra (Third Eye)

Your investment: 39 EUR

Past, Future and the Big, Eternal NOW
Start: to be announced (4 weeks)

Actually, time does not exist, but we still feel strongly influenced by it: How can you let go of your past, visualize your future more positively and experience the NOW more intensively? This online workshop and the following H&C applications will help you:

  • Dissolve Negative Beliefs
  • Healing Inner Burdens of the Past
  • Getting Started in a Better Future
  • Life in the Here and Now

Your investment: 29 EUR

The dates and a possibility to book these online workshops will be published soon!