5 questions about energetic healing

Can every person heal? Or do I need a certain gift for it?

First of all, every healing is a self-healing.

After all, it is never the doctor, alternative practitioner, psychotherapist or energetic healer and also not a particular drug that can bring about a cure. It is always ourselves! Other people and some natural or chemical substances can only activate and strengthen our self-healing powers. But we will do the healing ourselves.

Of course you are a healer! You have already healed disharmonies innumerable times in your body, in your mind and in your soul. We do this every day. We just do not think about it because it usually happens fully automatically.

And, of course, any disharmony in the body, mind or soul always has energetic effects that, if ignored, can lead to illness.

As you learn to consciously channel, focus and direct your natural inner energy flows, you can also consciously effect energetic healing: in yourself, but also in other people.

This is a natural human gift. You do not even need a specific energetic healing technique. Many healers use their energetic healing powers instinctively and intuitively.

However, learning one or more energy and healing techniques (for example, Reiki, Access Consciousness, or the Healer and Creator technique) can greatly ease your path and increase your potential.

And of course, as with almost everything in our lives, the more and more often you practice, the better you become. So if healing is important to yourself or to others in your life, then practice it regularly!

Should I go to a healer in case of illness or learn to heal myself?

If you are suffering from your illness, it’s best to do both. For specific illnesses, it can be very helpful if another person helps you to bring your energetic balance into harmony.

At the same time, you should also learn to take personal responsibility for yourself and your life. An illness does not just come out of the blue. It is not genes to blame, but it is often a combination of your lifestyle, diet and personal stress factors.

Of course, with every illness you should strive to restore harmony in all areas of your life.

And since every illness also has energetic causes and effects, you can only benefit from regularly applying an energy and healing technique on yourself.

I am healthy. Why should I heal myself energetically?

At the present time, it has become very difficult to feed oneself one hundred percent healthy, while avoiding all harmful environmental influences and staying healthy for a lifetime.

For that you have to live somewhere far away from modern civilization with some indigenous people in the jungle. ?

These so-called “primitive people” (sic!) usually do not know our typical civilization diseases such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. They also have no allergies, no asthma, no irritable bowel syndrome, no Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Unless they have already adapted to our “modern” way of life.

But would you do without mobile phones, Facebook or for example chocolate? ?

Most of us also carry one or the other trauma with us, some since childhood. Also, certain, negatively charged memories in our lives lead to energetic blockages and disharmony in us – which can ultimately lead to diseases.

So if you want to stay healthy in the long term, it is imperative that you exercise self-responsibility and also take care of your energetic harmonies.

By learning and regularly practicing an energy and healing technique (such as Healer and Creator), you can dissolve your inner disharmonies and strengthen your natural energy flows.

Do I have to be spiritual to benefit from energy healing?

No. You also do not need to delve deeper into special philosophies or worldviews. Whether you understand how a particular energy center (chakra) works in your body, and if there is such a thing in us at all, is completely unimportant.

Of course, a certain openness is very helpful in order to be able to benefit maximally from an energy and healing technique.

Over time, by applying and practicing an energetic healing technique regularly, you will probably become more sensitive and aware of certain energy flows. This may naturally cause you to be more interested in spiritual topics in the future. But this is not necessary!

How often should I practise an energy and healing technique?

As often as possible! It is best to incorporate an energy and healing technique such as the Healer and Creator technique in your daily routine.

Just as you regularly cleanse your body or your teeth, harmonizing and purifying your energy body should become a daily task.

And: practice makes perfect! Your healing powers will increase if you apply them regularly to yourself and other people.


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