5 Reasons for Bad Moods – and How to Get Out Again

When we are in a bad mood, the level of energy available to us for our daily goals, tasks and purposes automatically decreases. Researchers confirm that our immune system and our self-healing powers also suffer from bad moods.

And maybe with our bad mood, we will also bring down our life partner or other people we really appreciate. So we multiply the negative effects that come from our bad mood, even in our personal environment.

Find the cause

The biggest difficulty in resolving a bad mood is often that we do not recognize the underlying causes.

So first of all, stop and feel why we are in this negative state of mind. By understanding why we feel bad, a possible solution is already very close.

Find your strength

The second important factor is the often lower level of energy and consciousness during a bad mood, which was often caused by the negative mood.

So, if you know my Healer and Creator energy technique, you can, for example, do ten passes of the H&C Energy Flow Technique to instantly increase your energy level, your radiance and your state of consciousness.

You may be using the time you are practicing the energy practice (or a few quiet moments afterwards) to feel the causes of your mood.

Immediately after practicing the energy technique, you can take a first, small (possibly symbolic) step to get out of your mood.

Often this is already sufficient, since you give your inner self a clear direction, where you want to move. The next steps then often follow subconsciously and even automatically. Or you already have forgotten your bad mood by then. 🙂

Here are some tips on how to make this first, symbolic step in the right direction – to match five typical negative moods!

Brooding and thought carousel

Do you always internally play the same, short film excerpt about a situation in your life and just can not turn off the mental carousel? Then just do something completely different after the ten rounds of the H&C Energy Flow Technique to distract you and get out of the self-nourishing cycle of pondering.

Try out a new games app on your phone, engage yourself (if only briefly) with a hobby, take a walk or go shopping in the supermarket.

Meanwhile, wipe all emerging thoughts on your brooding theme lovingly and yet stubbornly aside. In most cases, the short distraction is enough to get out of the brooding trap.

Stress due to outstanding tasks

The inner pressure of many outstanding tasks in your work or private life can cause enormous mental stress. Of course, distraction is the wrong way in this case, because your tasks want to be mastered.

After the 10 passes of the H&C Energy Flow Technique, you should sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and plan your to-do list in a better way.

Even, if you typically use an app or some other system for your task list, I recommend old-fashioned paper and pencil for resolving your inner stress, because you can plan so much more creatively and emotionally without being constrained by a rigid planning tool. Afterwards, you can still transfer your insights and upcoming tasks to your task management system.

Either make a complete list of all your pending tasks, or write down only those activities that are the most troubling to you. Then, look at the most important tasks and give them an exact date and time when you want to tackle them.

So, make a specific appointment with yourself. Maybe you would like to save this appointment right now with a reminder in your cell phone or you stick a post-it note to your desk, your fridge or your bathroom mirror.

Studies show us, that a concrete planning of the outstanding tasks can reduce the stress (and also the fear of being unable to manage it) by a considerable amount.

You may even want to engage in your most important task right now for at least 20 minutes. From my own experience, I know: Once the first hurdle has been taken, the rest often goes by itself.

A nagging bad conscience

Have you forgotten an important birthday or did you not behave in a certain situation as you would have liked to? A guilty conscience can spoil the mood.

If you still do not feel better after making an apology, then try ten passes of the H&C Energy Flow Technique, and then devote all your attention to the person or situation that makes you feel guilty.

Maybe you want to send out some H&C Energy Spheres to the person in question now, or you can think of a little present or attention, for example a (digital?) greeting card.

If it’s a situation in your life, you might want to close your eyes for a few moments and imagine in your mind how that situation could have been instead.

Through a small gesture or short imagination exercise, you can restore the energetic balance and automatically feel better.

Maybe you are just hungry?

In the midst of a turbulent life, one or the other sometimes forgets to pay attention to his or her hunger. That too can spoil the mood, more than we might want to admit.

If you feel hungry, then please do not reach for the next sugar snack. Fixing a bad mood with sweets is an extremely unhealthy habit that will not help you in the long run, but exposes you much more to the ups and downs of mood swings.

When your body signals hunger, it wants one thing above all: important nutrients. Maybe now is a good time for a healthy Green Smoothie (please with little fruit and more greens) or a nutritious and guaranteed sugar-free vegetable snack?

Constant annoyance about trifles

Often it is only trivial things that strike us negatively during the day and gradually lower our spirits.

Maybe we were treated unfriendly by a shop assistant, the telephone bill shows some inexplicable amounts, or we have to cancel our beloved yoga class because something has come up.

Whether you want to be annoyed by such circumstances for a long time or not, of course, is solely your decision. However, if sometimes several annoyances accumulate during the day, then we can fall into a veritable anger and grumbling trap.

Such a mood naturally lowers our energy levels and does not make our day any easier. So, to get out, do ten passes of the H&C Energy Flow Technique to raise your energy, radiance, and awareness.

In the case of specific annoyances, you can then ask yourself, for example, if you would be annoyed about it in two or three months’ time. If not, it can only be a small matter that is not worthy of your further attention!

Instead, engage in feelings of gratitude. Think about three to five things that you can be grateful for now. Inwardly say, “Thank you!” For each of these things, and enjoy the fulfilling feeling that is sure to spread in you.


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