Be guided by synchronicities

Assertions and truths of my universe

Cats purr to activate their pineal gland so they can make better higher dimensional journeys shortly after when they “sleep”.

Sometimes friends ask me how I would come to such statements. I then explain, and some understand me very well. Others are skeptical, almost suspicious. Some don’t like at all that I didn’t say “from my humble perspective” or “in my personal universe” before. Unfortunately, I often forget that because of my enthusiasm and I apologize for it.

But I think it to myself, and in my books there is usually also an explanation in the opening chapters, that my words are always preceded by “Take from it whatever suits you and leave the rest”. In a conversation or in a short text, this often goes under, so some of my statements then unfortunately sometimes seem a bit too strongly generalized.

So, it may well be that there is a completely different reason for the cat purr in your universe. Faith not only moves mountains, but can also build insurmountable walls. But it still doesn’t mean that my statement is wrong. In my universe I feel it to be right until I find out something new or different that fits better to my experience.

Double numbers everywhere? And what do they mean?

Do you also always notice beautiful number combinations and especially double numbers, which always come into the field of consciousness at very specific moments?

A friend of mine found the subject exciting, but didn’t like to think that they could mean anything special. I think he was surprised, however, when a tow truck drove past us just at the exact moment we were saying goodbye.

Because of such a tow truck, he had stayed with me for a week longer than previously planned, and we had both realized that it had probably been a good providence, because otherwise we would not have been able to have many a good conversation and some learning processes with each other.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

From my personal point of view we deny the universe and our spirit guides an important channel of communication, if we ascribe no specialness at all to the only seemingly “coincidental” occurrences, to the sounds suddenly appearing at a very specific moment or even to the double numbers.

Because the more we open ourselves inwardly to providences and double numbers, the more intensively we can experience a world of many multidimensional synchronicities. They are then used for our personal growth to give us very personal feedback.

One person may find such thoughts crazy and refer to the nearest clinic.

For me, it is a mirroring of the outer world into my inner self and at the same time an inner recognition of myself on the outside.

What do you want the double numbers to mean to you?

What a heretical question for a science-minded head man! Many tend to the categorical exclusion of truths which are based on an inner feeling. Couldn’t everybody make up his own nonsense of thinking with that, just as it fits well?

Recently I had a conversation with an angel about double numbers. With her, it usually announces particularly difficult or intense situations. She feels a “Caution!” inside her. I found that a very interesting perspective, and I’m sure it works pretty well in her universe.

Her spirit guides and also Gaia know how she feels about the subject and so together they will do their best to have just such double numbers appear before difficult situations, so that her protégé incarnation knows in time and can be a little more careful.

Our spirit guides take good care of us, they love us. They always try to give us the messages in such a way that we can understand them, as it fits our current way of thinking.

In my universe, synchros and double numbers show me the moments when I am “on the right track”. When I hit the bull’s eye, when a thought, a word or a sentence is particularly important and coherent. In this way I sometimes also check some of my own statements for their correctness, it feels a bit like using a pendulum.

Gaia’s consciousness also communicates with us

In my personal universe Mother Gaia has a highly developed consciousness. Our comparably very small human consciousness can connect with her on demand, just like we know it with the internet: We only need to enter username and password (= open heart chakra and third eye), and already we spark more or less in harmony with each other, depending on our personal level of development.

When we are open in our hearts to the messages of Gaia and our spirit guides, when we learn to interpret the signs and wonders correctly for us, then the whole world speaks to us, without pause. We then get our synchros provided exactly as we need it for our best growth.

The more we are in tune with our inner self, the more we dissolve our inner protective walls and recognize our self-love and self-responsibility, the clearer the personal answers become.

Repeated confirmations of truths

In a similar way I also come to my statements like the one with the cat purr. I ask my guides and they give me an answer, which I then usually write down. As a rather cerebral person myself, I then sometimes research on the Internet whether I am the only one with my assertion or whether there is already a theory about it.

I must admit, I always breathe a sigh of relief when I am not completely alone with my statement, although so far I have never had a reason not to be able to trust in the correctness of my statements. Also after several years and many books of intuitive writing I can confirm the correctness of the words written down by me in former times so far always, also with in the meantime added realizations.

In the case of particularly “blatant assertions” I myself often ask for further confirmation whether I have grasped the answer correctly and whether this statement may find a firm place in my personal universe of experience and my model of thinking (and in my books).

With smaller channeled answers I pay attention also sometimes gladly to apparently coincidental noises in a certain moment or even also to double numbers. These often confirm to me that my interpretation is correct and right for me at least in my personal universe.

I’m looking for proof, the critic might speculate, because a bit of it does indeed sometimes look like esoteric detective work: I let the universe (Gaia) or my spirit guides answer my questions and hope that at just the right moment I can keep my consciousness vibrating high enough to notice the answer as well.

In the case of the cat purr, the answer came through a parallel insight: some monks use certain buzzing frequencies to activate their third eye with it. The buzzing produces a vibration in the brain. Our pineal gland and the crystals in its vicinity start to vibrate, it literally shakes them awake. These statements can be checked on the Internet, probably even in Wikipedia.

Why should it be different with cats, which also have a pineal gland and are known to be particularly good “dreamers” (or: higher-dimensional travelers)?

Learning to trust the synchros

Perhaps the article will inspire you to step by step pay more attention to the personally experienced synchros and the possible feedback from your spirit guides or from Mother Gaia. The more we learn to trust them, the more answers we usually get, because we learn to tune into the right frequency.

If you like, ask your spirit guides (or Mother Gaia) how you can improve your personal communication skills, the answers will then become part of your personal learning and experience and are always 100% tailored to you and your personal growth path.

Synchro-Hunting is like an Easter egg hunt for adults. The beauty is, we can train our attention step by step and let ourselves be led into a healing and growth direction that feels good and right for us.

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