Coffee, caffeine addiction and Mama Cacao

I’m an emotional cacao addict, eating a few pieces of a good organic chocolate with 100% cacao content and lots of good cocoa butter pretty much every day. Some manufacturers unfortunately use less of the latter, that can be quickly compared by looking at the list of fat contents. This fat is good for us…

My favorite chocolate has 56g of fat per 100g, 35g of which is unsaturated. Unsaturated fatty acids have also fallen into disrepute, but the latest findings show a completely different picture, at least for the “monounsaturated” ones.

I got used to the strong taste after the first or second bar, I had already been sugar-free for a very long time, so that helped. And “black and bitter like life” used to be one of my favorite sayings, because I actually liked exactly this untreated, unsweetened taste, not only in my choice of beverage, but also in terms of music, events or restaurants: rather natural and without frills, decoration and fuss. 🙂 Then it felt good.

I still like sweetness, by the way, in the form of whole fruit. But in my chocolate rather not.

At this point: Please do not be tempted by honey, agave syrup or date sweetener. If the main ingredient of a substance is sugar, then it is sugar, and also has the well-known side effects: Addiction, high blood sugar levels, obesity, etc.

Mama Cacao helps us to get into the heart

She is a natural healer of nature for us, we invite her and she gives us in return an open, receptive and warm heart feeling. And this even without any physical danger of addiction (which exists only with the chocolate with sugar).

I find days with a wide open heart chakra are the most beautiful days. In the meantime, I have become so accustomed to the feeling that I dwell more and more naturally in my heart.

Mama Cacao helped me with this: While I was consuming cacao, new neural connections were created that became more and more solidified until it became a habit to always be in the heart with my consciousness.

What about the caffeine?

I don’t drink coffee anymore because it feels like my blood is simmering. A cup of coffee contains up to 175 milligrams of caffeine, a cup of cacao only 25mg or less, but I feel it clearly in my body.

With two pieces of 100% cacao chocolate (20g), I notice the difference in being awake, focused, etc. At 40g my heart beats and becomes very warm, certainly not only by the caffeine, but also.

The good thing is, I nevertheless do not miss days without this chocolate.

So with the 100% cacao chocolate, I’m not physically addicted to caffeine like I used to be with coffee. Every day I had to have a cup first before I could leave the house halfway clear in the head!

At times I also got grumpy if I didn’t get one in the afternoon as well.

Later it got a little better: Because the afternoon coffee in the evening made it more and more difficult for me to fall asleep, I usually didn’t have any after 4:00 p.m. in my last years of coffee.

A few green tea years followed. Now green tea often contains even more caffeine than coffee, but in a better tolerated version. And the best thing: even after an abrupt withdrawal from green tea, I felt no side effects whatsoever, as I used to when I stopped drinking coffee, e.g. during the first days of vacation, when the coffee in the hotel tasted like old dishwater and that’s why I even preferred the noticeable headaches.

Pu Erh tea I quite like in the morning even now, it is said to contain about 37g of caffeine per serving. But the caffeine content can be reduced by tipping away the first brewing water.

Caffeine is a nice drug if you know how to ride the wave. As with temperatures, our bodies get used to everything. If we need the full blast in the morning to get halfway through, that’s on us.

We can decide to become more sensitive, and then feel a strong effect even with the slightest caffeine effects, for example, already with two pieces of 100% cocoa chocolate. So we are wide awake whenever we want, but without being physically dependent.

And we are in the heart. Mama Cacao is the “little goddess” of Mother Gaia.

Two pieces in the morning is a good start. Four pieces after the siesta, wonderful! So every day I make my own cacao ceremony, where the recommended amount of cacao is 40g, so four pieces of my 100% organic cacao chocolate.

We could say I’m emotionally addicted to that long-lasting warmth of heart that Mama Cacao gives me. So what? Physically, I’m no longer addicted to any substances. And that feels wonderful!

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