Dear spiritual community,

yesterday, I was at a FB group community meeting organized by (…) at the beach in (…). I think we found some answers to the questions and wishes that I believe everyone more or less had?

  • Can we get to know each other on a deeper level than just as facilitators and visitors of mainstream spiritual events?
  • Can we find trust and understanding with each other on a heart level, even when we have different perspectives at times?
  • Can we find new ways of connecting, sharing and caring for our feelings, our ideas, our talents, and our healthy food & environment?
  • Can we as a small circle stay in a high vibrational state together and leave the place with more energy than when we arrived?
  • Can we do this with no money involved?

From my humble perspective, it worked pretty good! And it was very simple: Everyone brought some healthy food to share, we shortly introduced ourselves, and we shared our state of mind/feeling and some visions, wishes and perspectives. Our organizer did a great job without giving us any fixed program.

Later, we switched to chanting, drumming, holding hands in the circle, humming (very good for heart chakra and pineal gland) and a silent ending meditation. We connected, we hugged, we raised our vibrational energetic field.

Personally, I arrived quite exhausted and left full of energy. That night, I thought: Wouldn´t it be wonderful if we have these circles all over the island? Every other week on Thursday, I could go the the beach in …, and maybe on another day I make a visit to the group in … to connect with another part of our spiritual family tribe.

Some circles could even add a special activity, where one soul lies in the middle and the others are sitting around, giving healing energy with their hands. I once had a group just for that and we recently did this in a group of energetic healers. Very powerful!

Just a couple of hours ago, one woman from our group started a new sub-group on WA, called it “Open Heart Space” and asked who would want to repeat last night´s experience every 2 weeks, more or less with the group who met yesterday, or with some extra friends or guests.

And maybe there are more here, who would like this to happen more often and in different places? And maybe this doesn´t even need leaders, facilitators or teachers, we could also switch around the organizer within the group if we want that.

I am already part of that original Open Heart Space (not sure yet if we meet in (…) again or somewhere else), but I am happy to do a circle in (…) (secluded and quiet, with good parking) or in (…) (more crowded).

And maybe others feel the calling to do something similar in other places?

Just asking. 😉

Peace & Love,


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