Fictional Interview 2: Unconditional Love and Relationships

This text was first published on my website about Sensual Energetic Healing (SEH).

Please also see part one: Touch, Communication, and Healing

While writing, I am intuitively connecting with the characters in my books about the magical lands of Sanuela, being their vessel and temporary embodiment for their perspectives.

My interviews are purely fictional. For this one, I inwardly travelled to the beautiful shore of Lake Luminae to have a conversation with:

  • Ayana, High Priestess of Sanuela
  • Cerulean Starstrider, Guide to Enlightenment
  • Anastasia Light­weaver, Maker of Magic Bread, daughter of Lana Lightweaver

We sat close together on some rocks, dipping our feet into the lake’s tranquil water.

Nils: “Thank you for showing me your world. It is very colourful here … Wow, so many flowers! And I can feel the difference in frequency – everything seems lighter and more fluid.

I’d like to talk about unconditional love today. Some souls on our planet are wondering if this can even exist between humans?”

Ayana: “Welcome to our magical land, Nils. We are happy to have you here and show you around.”

Cerulean: “Experiencing unconditional love as a human being is difficult, but one can get close. It is much easier for animals; the strong human ego tends to get in our way. Whether it is your own or that of your love partner, their dance determines how close you can come to realizing this purest form of love.”

Nils: “I can see that. Offering unconditional love raises the question in the other soul automatically: How true is this?”

Ayana: “Naturally, because the human ego is trained to be critical and protective, and it does a pretty good job in many daily situations. Yet, when it comes to love, it can no longer comprehend because this is beyond its reach. Love exists in another dimension.”

Nils: “Some open up to accept and receive, while others close down to protect.”

Ayana: “Accepting unconditional love requires trust and surrender, these feelings can be intimidating at times.”

Anastasia: “I remember, when Elathan and I first came together, through Ayana’s foresight on the spring equinox (*). We invited her to stay with us for a while. For me, it was a deep experience of unconditional love, since no one asked anything from me. I didn’t have to give anything. I simply allowed myself to be fully present in the here and now with these wonderful souls, opening my heart.

We gave without personal wishes through our receiving. I knew Elathan and I would be together from that moment on. I felt blissful in myself and with him, and I was grateful to Ayana. Nothing else mattered. I was able to experience pure love.”

Ayana tenderly took Anastasia’s hand in hers and stroked it lightly.

Cerulean: “As a man or masculine energy, one must always ask oneself: How much unconditional love can we feel for another human, knowing that our deepest feeling of inner unity is experienced when physically or spiritually united with one another?”

Anastasia: “For that reason, it is especially hard for many women to accept unconditional love from another soul.”

Cerulean: “And mind you, towards the end of my prolonged period of unasked celibacy, of course, there was a longing for full unity with either my new love Eliana or with Ayana. (*2) This is inherent to my nature as a man; we are predestined to strive for connection and unity with women, or else none of us would exist. Still, I was able to fully accept and embrace the fact that no union would take place.”

Ayana: “Well, in our case, not until the end of our moon. With that, we began our moon love relationship,” Ayana smiled and grasped Cerulean’s hand as well.

Nils: “I was happy to write about this, yes.”

Moon Love Symbol

Cerulean: “Most interestingly, for me, it was super easy to accept the non-unity. It even fired up my astral frequencies by a factor of 100,” he laughed.

Ayana: “I guess, I made it easy for you, by promising our unity at the end of the lunar cycle?”

Cerulean: “That certainly helped me accept even more readily, yes. But it would also have worked out without the promise. I was able to feel unconditional love for both Eliana and you at the same time. It was a divine experience for me. I had so much love in my heart, and I never closed it again.”

Nils: “And Ayana, how did it feel to be loved so unconditionally by him?”

Ayana: “I felt safe and secure with Cerulean, allowing me to completely trust him and receive his presence.” Her fingers brushed against his palm as she gently squeezed his hand.

Nils: “So, you have started a moon love.”

Cerulean: “Yes. We decided to celebrate a sacred, intimate love ceremony with one another once in a moon. On other days, you can often see us hand-in-hand when we meet; we both enjoy connecting with each other.”

Ayana: “Other moon love couples have different arrangements with each other. Some have all but physical union, while others draw the line at a different level.”

Nils: “How strict are moon love couples with their personal relationship rules?”

Ayana: “We don’t call them rules, but rather see it from the other perspective and call them permissions – each soul granting the other certain liberties.

And again, that depends on the agreement between them. Some change their permissions every moon, to see what feels good. This can also bring in movement and excitement into the moon love. Others do best when they clearly stick to a simple agreement without changing it.

Some couples give different permissions to one another. Some enjoy exploring domination and submission, while others celebrate the equality that comes with meeting each other at eye level.”

Nils: “It sounds like a beautiful process to discover the personal set of relationship permissions with a new moon love partner.”

Cerulean: “It can be beautiful when both partners are honest, clear, and loving in their communication.”

Anastasia: “And then, every moon love couple discovers the beauty of the in-betweens. How can you express your love and appreciation for the other soul only within the agreed permissions, keeping boundaries and with it a feeling of safety?”

Cerulean: “And then, the unconditional love is ignited. You are free to love, since you have shared a personal set of permissions with this soul. How marvellous! You recognise what the other enjoys and dislikes.”

Ayana: “Of course, there can be no dishonesty in any true love relationship. Everyone knows about the life of the other, which leads us to trust one another and deepen our bond.”

Cerulean reached into the pocket of his gown and retrieved a piece of parchment. “Have a look, perhaps it will help you start your first moon love relationship. Of course you can also agree on these things verbally, but sometimes a parchment brings more clarity and helps to stay on the agreed path.”

Nils: “Thank you, I like the idea. For my whole life, I have been questioning why we have such a narrowly restrictive relationship system – it never made sense to me.

I’m not a fan of ‘free love’, for it doesn’t satisfy our needs for deeper connection, trust, and safety.”

Ayana smiled. “Well, now you have something new to explore. You can have a different type of relationship with every human on your planet if you choose – giving each one a unique set of permissions. Please keep us posted what the souls on Gaia think of it.”

I thanked the three and began recreating Cerulean’s piece of parchment on the computer.

Free download of a printable version (PDF)

* see: Ayana, My Light and My Love, chapter Spring Equinox.

*2 see: Sacred Sensual Journey (available on this website in July or August 2023)

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