How do you feel about power and control?

Power and control are very important topics of the solar plexus chakra. If you want to greatly increase your energy flow from the lower three chakras to the heart chakra, then it’s worthwhile to feel deeply into your very personal relationship to these topics!

Childhood memories have a huge influence

Anyone who has had unpleasant or even bad experiences as a child with people who have overwhelmingly physically and / or psychologically controlled them, usually has a lot of work to do. And if one wants to learn to love him- or herself more, one should definitely do it! ❤️

Personally, I’ve recently “recovered” some of those memories from my childhood, and I’m working to heal them self-responsibly with the help of Healer & Creator. For a long time, I didn’t realize that the fear from being dominated by two older boys as a young child probably influenced my life in one way or another! I thought, certainly everyone has had a few bad experiences and that this is just an ordinary part of any “normal” childhood. ?

But it does not really matter, whether the situations you remember are “normal” or extraordinary: In a (possibly also through a close person) experienced situation of power and dominance, I believe there is always an acute need for healing.

Even if it was only the (sometimes also “well intentioned”) controlling and censoring by a family member – many years later this can certainly cut down on the list of options and, of course, on one’s personal self-esteem. It can even install a constant “self-critic” in one’s own head.

How about you? Do you have any memories of situations from your childhood when you have been severely censored or in which you may have felt completely vulnerable? Can you imagine how your later life might have been different if it had not happened?

Power and control in your relationship

The topic of control can also cause great problems in our love lifes. How “free” do you really feel in your relationship? An often very sensitive topic here is, for example, a longer view or perhaps even lovingly touching a person of the opposite sex, if you feel like it. How much do you allow yourself? And how much freedom do you give your partner in this respect?

And how would it feel if you both agreed to be much closer with people of the opposite sex? Could you imagine that this would perhaps better harmonize your inner Yin (female) and Yang (male) parts? In a way, that it makes your love for each other even stronger than before (especially because of the gained trust and acceptance of each other)?

Instead, in many relationships you can constantly see bigger or smaller power games happening. Especially if one of the two partners feels inferior for some reason, it can result in the sting being extended. Then, even theatrical games can begin, which then cause each other to swing out even further. Often, the two partners do not notice this for a long time …

Cheating leaves deep marks

Have you ever been cheated on by your partner? If he or she then falls in love with the other person, then you certainly know the feeling of losing control of one’s own (love) life. It is no longer in your own hands, what happens next!

Due to the lack of control over your own experience, your energies are sinking down all the way: naturally right through the sacral chakra (which in some cases can make some sexual issues very strong) and then further down to the root chakra, where suddenly the inner grounding and security is missing.

But what is lumped together “down there”, the anger, insecurity and maybe a chaotic mix of sexual arousal and frustration, that’s pure energy! At this moment it is an extremely negative experienced energy, yes …

But if you succeed, either in that same moment or years later, in transforming the remnants of this energy into deep gratitude – gratitude that you can experience and release this concentrated power – then you can experience a tremendous healing of your lower three chakras! The jammed energy can then be released and integrated into your heart center.

Improve your personal relationship with control

Healing of such or similar emotionally charged memories is often a lengthy process. If you perceive very strongly negatively charged feelings from this, I would definitely recommend a professional hypnosis therapy, because here you can uncover particularly deep-seated inner processes and actively work with them.

Another way to deal with negatively experienced control in the past life is the playful expression of these very strong emotions in your own sex life! ?

The sacral chakra (sexuality) is probably not exactly without any reason located right between the root chakra (safety) and the solar plexus chakra (power).

This energetic closeness explains why many people can literally create a fireball of concentrated energy in their lower body as they imagine sexual fantasies of dominance and submission!

Those, who manage to release this aggregated energy and continue to guide it up to the heart chakra can even use these powerful forces for their spiritual development. Your own will, however, gives you the choice of whether you would rather use the powers in a black magic way to achieve “inferior” personal goals … ?

Once you’ve decided to send the energies up, it’s quite simple: consciously “breathe” into your heart chakra over and over again, imagining how the energies from your lower body gather together in this place. Be grateful for the strong feelings you can now experience in your heart center! Breathe the now overflowing, intoxicating love in … and breath it back out … And heal!

When you can be at peace with the feelings of your solar plexus chakra, when you can surrender to them completely, then this will open a big gate and make your heart shine.

Bring your energies into the heart center with H&C!

The energy and healing technique Healer & Creator provides you with an easy-to-learn way to pull energies from the lower chakras up into the higher ones.

Imagine an emotionally charged situation. This can be a memory or a fear of the future that you have. Then, start with the H&C energy flow exercise, inhale and pull all these energies upwards. Open your hands and with the exhale you integrate these energies thankfully into your energetic field.

One participant from my H&C workshop group had an important insight when practicing Healer & Creator on the subject of “control”: “For me, this [control] was emotionally very negatively charged. The mind has said, it needs control in life, but the feeling has resisted. Control was always associated with fear for me. During the exercise, a picture suddenly came. It was of a king who controls the going-ons in his country so that everyone is well. That brings a whole new dimension about control to my life.”

I think that’s a really nice inner ending picture for this article. ?


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