Inner Gratitude Changes Everything in Your Life!

Inner gratitude can open your heart wide and bring you back to your inner center – no matter what is happening in your world around you!

Contrary to the famous (and forced!) “Positive Thinking“, gratitude guides you gently into a higher state of vibration, your inner energy flow is intensified and you see the world automatically with a positive attitude.

On days when I consciously practice inner gratitude, and thus respond positively to my outer world, miraculously many more beautiful things happen in my life. In part, of course, this can be explained with selective perception, but in part it is also much more: Positive attracts more positive!

It’s easy to be grateful for the beautiful experiences in our lives. But it is also just as easy to forget to be grateful out of sheer occupation with of all the small and bigger things in everyday life.

Change your point of view with inner gratitude

Feeling inner gratitude when you are not feeling well or when you are facing a big problem that seems insurmountable is not always that easy. But all the more worthwhile!

Your perception will change instantly if you are looking for a beautiful flower on a gray day (or something else that inspires you) and then feel your gratitude for it as deeply as possible inside yourself.

With a changed perception, some problems solve almost all by themselves, because you also open up for new creative solutions. Albert Einstein already knew: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Integrate your shadow

But you can go the royal road if you experience something unpleasant and then manage to feel gratitude for it. Herein lies the greatest potential for growth, because we can always learn the most from situations that are perceived as problematic!

If you can feel gratitude during or after an unpleasant situation, then you are integrating the negative experience into your being. You completely accept this shadow part of your life, and you release it at the same time.

The result: You make yourself (step by step) to a better version of yourself. You feel inwardly balanced and liberated.

How you can feel more gratitude

You just have to do it, and that’s where the sticking point lies. There are too many distractions in our lives. Most of us are too busy and rarely take a few quiet minutes just to be grateful. That’s probably why it’ll help if you make a list (right now?) and maybe just write down three or five very recent experiences that you can be grateful for.

Then take a few moments to feel the gratitude for each of your experiences.

By writing down your experiences in abbreviated form, you give yourself a special signal: These things are important to me! It is a very different experience than if you only did the exercise in your head.

After writing it once, you may want to start a gratitude diary and add some experiences of the day each evening.

Would you like to feel the gratitude in every cell of your body?

Recently, I’ve developed a powerful energetic technique that lets you feel the beautiful aura of gratitude intensely in every cell of your body. With this add-on application for the Healer and Creator (a healing and energy technique I developed) you can integrate your daily experiences deep inside you.

The basic technique of H&C is very easy to learn, and I offer it here completely free of charge. Simply sign up in the form below and you can immediately download my free ebook, in which I explain the technique exactly!


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