Inner Integration with Heart Chakra Breathing

Heart Chakra Breathing is for me the “simplest spiritual-energetic exercise in the world” and it needs nothing more than a shift in our attention. From wherever the consciousness is coming, for the heart chakra breathing I gather instead in my subtle heart center and observe my breath.

There is not much to do but to feel in, let go and accept. Breathe in love and breathe out love (or: gratitude). The focus is instantly in the heart chakra.

If we feel ourselves in the energetic center of our subtle body after a few breaths, we will probably notice that we have no or significantly less fear from this perspective of consciousness. With enough intensely felt love in the heart, associated issues heal, integrate, transform or dissolve.

In one of many personal dark retreats just with myself, I had felt a sense of fear for a brief moment. It was actually unjustified. The special thing: I just saw all my inner images projected in front of me on the black screen. I was sitting in my own cinema and could immediately perceive every change of emotion in the change of the images appearing in front of me.

Where before I was traveling through beautiful colorful landscapes, all of a sudden I saw frantic and chaotic flickering discordant patterns and pictorial symbols before my eyes. Wow, what a change, I thought to myself and intuitively knew that I now had a wonderful opportunity to test the heart chakra breathing.

My momentary feeling of anxiety was gone from me within two breaths and the images became more harmonious again.

Since then, I have also used heart chakra breathing in my personal integrations, for example after shamanic ceremonies, in other intense inner processes, and even when embracing another soul.

The breath-coupled focus shift to the heart chakra is not about suppressing shadow issues. But from the heart chakra we have a much better overview and a different inner understanding of things in our world. We can more easily perceive other perspectives, we feel at our center, we find and feel our love.

If you would like to strengthen the exercise energetically, additionally place one or both open palms on your heart chakra: the hand chakras and also the position taken act like an amplifier, and we feel even deeper into our love.

From here we can integrate just about anything, even our greatest fear: that of our own inner light.

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