Let’s Heal our Chakras: 2. Sacral Chakra

Position: a few inches below the navel to the center of the navel
Colour: Orange
Name in Sanskrit: Svadhisthana (“your own place”)
Topics: Joy, happiness, abundance, well-being, pleasure, enjoyment, sensuality, sexuality, emotional stability, creativity, imagination
Negative Topics: Addiction, gluttony, dispassion, self-doubt, worry, depression

Is your second chakra in harmony?

In your sacral chakra is the creative life energy and sensual joie de vivre at home. Can you enjoy the fruits of life with all your senses without shame and guilt?

When your sacral chakra is in balance, then sex, creative activities, and good (healthy) food can give you a lot of joy and energy.

When you have integrated passion and intimacy into your life in a healthy way, when you can talk openly about your feelings, and other people feel a soulful warmth with you, when you feel good in your body and on most days you are carefree and happy, then you most likely have a perfectly balanced sacral chakra.

Congratulations, you do not need to read further. Enjoy the colorful life! 🙂

The sacral chakra in disharmony

This chakra is often underactive, if you focus too much on work and everyday life and you can not really enjoy the fruits of life.

If you are looking for the supposedly fast way to happy feelings (for example, with another person or with the help of a substance), then addiction and dependence (including co-dependency) can block the way to lasting happiness.

In the worst case, this can lead to depression. Or you may feel emotionally numb and without contact with yourself.

Decreased sexual desire and impotence may be related to an unbalanced sacral chakra. The same goes for the exact opposite: over-indulging in sexual fantasies and obsessions can, from a certain degree, cause you internal harm and should be brought into a healthy balance.

Pleasure and enjoyment are good, and you never have to feel guilty if you want to enjoy the finer things in life.

But like everything in life, the right balance is crucial: Do not become a slave to pleasure addiction! Before you order another piece of strawberry cream chocolate cake, ask yourself if you’ll really feel better afterwards, if it can nourish your soul and do you good for your health.

These physical problems are often associated with a disturbed sacral chakra: overweight, hormonal imbalances, premenstrual syndrome, anemia, low blood sugar, lower back pain, joint problems, spleen and kidney problems, low energy.

Some people with an unbalanced sacral chakra are too dominated by their feelings. Or they are stuck in a certain mood or feeling (especially feelings of guilt, shame or inner pain).

Having an unbalanced sacral chakra makes it very hard to have truly loving relationships. Constant worries, fears, and total lack of zest for life can be further important signs that you should take better care of your second chakra.

Such worries and fears can also make it very difficult for you to handle change in your life. The element of the second chakra is water – and water wants to flow unhindered!

If the sacral chakra is not healthy and balanced, it also has a negative impact on all of your other chakras and many other life issues as well. That’s why it’s so important that you take good care of your second chakra!

How to work on the themes of your sacral chakra

Sometimes your own addictions and dependencies are clearly visible, then you already know what you can work on. However, addictions are very difficult to combat. But you can gradually replace them with new habits that will do you good.

Often, there are also harmful dependencies in life that are not so easy to see through. A close look and understanding is not always easy and requires a good deal of honesty towards yourself.

If your second chakra is overactive and you are over-indulging in enjoyment, then pay attention to what you regularly do to satisfy your senses as quickly as possible. Next time, ask yourself inside, “Will it be good for me? Is it healthy and nourishing for my body and soul?”

On the other hand, those who are more likely to struggle with an underdeveloped sacral chakra only need to open a little bit more for the beautiful things in life.

I know, that can sometimes be easier said than done. How about taking some time to brainstorm? Take a pen and notepad to a beautiful place and make a long list of ideas on what makes you happy in life, where you have fun and enjoyment. Then pick some ideas that you can easily implement and write down specific goals and plans.

Find out how you can better enjoy fulfilling and sensual sexuality, how to live your creativity, how to make your diet healthy and enjoyable, how to experience more of what makes you happy as a sensual person.

If you’ve come to a place in nature for brainstorming, then look around or do a little mindfulness walk: What beautiful things can you perceive with your senses?

If you are undisturbed, then you may want to sing and dance in the midst of the beauty around you – a very good way to let the energies flow and at the same time release some old blockages.

The fragrance of essential oils (no artificial perfume oils, please!) can be very intoxicating and immediately bring you into a positive, enjoyable mood. For example, try orange, bergamot, jasmine or rose and mix it with a few drops of sandalwood or ylang-ylang.

Since the sacral chakra is represented by the color orange, you may like to have some orange fabric or an orange image near you. You can also put orange accents on your clothes and wear an orange piece of jewelry. Or you are looking for another symbol that reminds you of the qualities of the sacral chakra and that you can always have with you.

Do you meditate regularly? Then in your imagination, wrap yourself in orange light or visualize an orange, warming light in your abdomen and see what this changes in you.

Another reason for an unbalanced sacral chakra can be emotional issues that weigh heavily on you. Maybe you want to start writing in a diary for this. The verbalizing of your feelings (especially the negative and stressful ones) can be very salutary and it helps you to let go.

How to heal your sacral chakra energetically

With an overactive sacral chakra, you can draw energy up to the heart. Try to “breathe” through your heart as often as possible, as I’ve described in my free book “You are Healer and Creator”.

Of course, the Healer and Creator technique is well suited to balance your second chakra. Pulling up the energies during the H&C Energy Flow Exercise cleanses your chakras and makes the subtle energies in you flow.

For members of the H&C Anual Group, I’ve also developed a special additional application of this technique to harmonize, cleanse and heal your second chakra.

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