Let’s Heal our Chakras: 5. Throat Chakra

Position: in between the collar bone
Colour: Aquamarine / turquoise
Name in Sanskrit: Vishuddha (“very pure”)
Topics: Communication, self-expression of feelings, creativity, truth, honesty, speech, singing
Negative Topics: Chatter, blameful criticism, too soft or too loud or too much talk, arrogance, dishonesty, shyness, negative self-talk, lies, secrets

Can you express your feelings in words or text especially well, truthfully and lovingly? Is it easy for you to express yourself in a creative-intuitive and artistic way? Congratulation! Then there is much to suggest that the energies in your throat chakra are balanced and harmonious.

The throat chakra is an important link between heart and mind, mediating between your feelings and thoughts, between the inner and the outer world, between intuition and practical implementation.

The fifth chakra is responsible for your external communication, the way you express yourself and communicate with other people. But also for your inner dealing with yourself: How do you talk to you, rather positively or rather negatively?

Communication is much more: with a balanced throat chakra, it will be easy for you to see the meaning in your life and actions, and you can bring your ideas and visions well into physical reality.

Physically, the throat chakra is responsible for the flow of neurotransmitters and hormones, as well as for all matters of the neck and head (trachea and esophagus, mouth and teeth, nose and ears).

Whoever speaks with a well-balanced throat chakra, usually meets exactly the right tone for the respective situation and can inspire other people with kindness, love and truth.

And if your throat chakra is unbalanced?

People with an overactive throat chakra often feel ignored or devalued and often try to compensate for it with a louder voice. Others just talk a lot, do not listen to other people or interrupt them regularly, they are particularly prone to gossip, manipulation, or even verbally aggressive or mean.

Even persons with an underdeveloped throat chakra feel ignored, but they take an opposite path and close themselves up. They then seem introverted, shy, insecure and silent and can have trouble communicating their feelings or telling the truth to others.

Some have difficulty keeping secrets or keeping their word. It is easy for them to utter lies and falsehoods. Others seem to make a big secret of their lives for fear of sharing their feelings.

Physically, an unbalanced throat chakra may result in frequent headaches, sore throats, neck pain, or throat or ear infections, as well as bronchitis, asthma, thyroid problems, or tinnitus. Constant fatigue may also be related to the throat chakra.

How to cleanse and heal your throat chakra

Find your personal balance: If you tend to be more timid and quiet, you can try to get a little more out of yourself and lovingly communicate your feelings. If you tend to talk too much or too loud, you can practice listening attentively.

Be honest with yourself and show this to your world around you. Speak the truth, practice a friendly and loving relationship with people who seem difficult to you. Make your decisions based on your personal values.

When you’re alone, pay attention to how you talk to yourself – especially when you’re talking bad about yourself… Is that really the objective truth? Can you also express your emotions and thoughts to yourself more affectionately?

Get a journal and write down what you feel. Writing down your inner truths relieves you and you learn to express your feelings better. After a few weeks or months, it can be very enlightening and instructive to rummage through older records. The rewards of a diary are numerous: more understanding of your life situations and yourself, creative ideas and inner development!

Try to purify the throat chakra by consciously drinking more water and herbal teas. Not only does this help your body eliminate toxins, it also cleanses your throat and thus your throat chakra!

Singing (or even a slight humming) can be very invigorating for the throat chakra. Try it out!

The best healing and cleansing for your throat chakra you can do energetically. Simply put both hands on the sides of your neck, close your eyes and imagine that you are not breathing through your nose, but directly through your throat chakra. Inhale and exhale for several minutes, then try to feel the flow of energy in your neck and between your hands.

An even more intensive method for cleaning your throat chakra can be learned with the help of my energetic healing technique Healer and Creator. The basic technique for H&C I show you completely free.


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