Lucid Shadow Queens

From female domination to male domination

Written on World Women’s Day 2020 under the influence of the full moon

Many thousands of years ago, men and women lived more or less balanced and harmoniously in all important parts of a modern society.

Women have always been more open to spirituality and had better access to their Higher Self than men. They were very knowledgeable about the many topics and arts of inner healing, spiritual growth and Kundalini awakening through powerful energy techniques, sacred sexuality or sacred herbs and entheogens.

Most men preferred to deal with other topics, they preferred to discover the mysterious details of the three-dimensional world around them and learn how we can make our lives more technically advanced.

Obviously, the mindset of men has led to many great achievements in our mathematical and logical-rational sciences and to many technical inventions of the past millennias.

However, these interests prevented the majority of men from delving deeper into their own higher or divine selves. They just weren’t that interested in the higher-dimensional wisdom teachings women discovered for themselves.

Because of their intense spiritual and energetic practices, women went through a rapid inner development. All over the world they were praised and worshiped by men for their good connection to their Higher Self and thus for their highly developed divine and healing powers.

They were also known for their good housekeeping, fair management of land and property, and also as important mediators in small and large disputes.

Women once ruled this world

Over the course of several centuries, this gradually led to women becoming more and more famous, influential and powerful in the world.

Even though there were some very enlightened men back then, women ended up becoming the wise and holy queens and high priestesses of many lands for hundreds of years.

But few of these women had completely healed and integrated their inner shadow parts, and some did not want to share with men as much as before.

Over time, some women turned from holy and lucid queens of wisdom and justice to an evil and dark direction. Their personalities hardened more and more, and little by little the most powerful among them became ruthless rulers over humanity.

Under their reign, men were generally treated worse than women. Later, these lucid shadow queens even considered men to be their slaves.

One day a rebellion of the mostly male slaves against the holy queens and high priestesses began. After many bloodthirsty days, the men finally won this great war.

Men assumed power and responsibility over all essential parts of society

Unfortunately, the newly formed government of the victorious men had little idea how to govern and run the countries, because before that women mostly did everything that had to do with economic and political power, healing and spiritual growth.

The ruling men held some neutral and cooperative queens responsible for smaller parts of the world so that they could learn from them how to govern the country and society.

The men changed the laws, the religions and the sciences. They banished most female-oriented trends such as shamanism, sacred witchcraft and much more from social life.

Because of their fear of “scary powers”, they banned the study and practice of these subjects and even belayed them with the death penalty.

Instead, they now established mathematics, physics, biology, geography, history and philosophy as the most important subjects at schools and universities. Only art, linguistics and theater were preserved as the remaining female parts of the once balanced social life.

In the churches, men copied as best they could the parts of the religious scriptures that men could practice.

Everything else was cut out.

And of course they would never allow a woman to rise to the same level as a man in spiritual or religious matters.

The men had a great deal of anger and hatred towards the formerly cruel female rulers, so they erased all traces and evidence of special healing and creating abilities of women in the scriptures, rites and rituals.

From the Lord’s Prayer, they removed all clues that the Holy Mother was also equally prayed for, they left only the Heavenly Father.

Much of the original meaning of the harmonious balance between all male and female energies, both outside and inside, was thus lost.

In Christianity, the story of Adam and Eve and the apple in paradise was invented. Eve is said to have eaten from the forbidden apple, a fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

This simple story created the so-called original sin that condemned women for centuries and ensured that they had to stay away from all important responsibilities, at least as long as the Abrahamic churches kept their power in society.

Those responsible at that time also removed many references to the Higher Self from the scriptures. They had learned where it would go if you deal too much with your Inner Self. The women were crazy in the end! Something like that couldn’t happen to people again.

A little later, the reincarnation doctrine was largely banned from the scriptures. Mankind should no longer feel that they have to do something better, and no one should speak about past lives in which everything was different.

This was the easiest way to maintain power.

From time to time, the patriarchy was threatened by newly awakened wise women who had preserved some of the tremendous spiritual and healing knowledge from ancient times and who secretly practiced it in the woods and small villages.

Some wise women began to regain influence in society.

The image of the evil witch dancing with the devil and the cruel witch hunt that followed was a very powerful and much feared creation by Christian churchmen to put women back in their place.

Hundreds of thousands of women, some say there were several million, were tortured and burned at the stake because they may have “dangerous” ancient knowledge.

Of course, this knowledge was only dangerous for men who did not want to lose their power, because most women largely used their knowledge for the best good of the people.

We have forgotten a lot

In our time, women are slowly being reintroduced into more important parts of society.

But the system of politics, economy, science and religion created by men is rigid and crusty, and it will only make those women successful who can adapt to the purely logical thinking and hierarchy of the male forefathers.

There is very little room for extensive changes on the female side.

Dear men of those days, instead of once boundless feminine wisdom, we are now governed by your rigid logic and knowledge rule created at that time.

This system has shaped us from birth. That is why many of us now only believe in logically structured and scientifically proven knowledge. By contrast, many people have lost access to all non-rationally justified teachings about energetic healing powers as well as alternative inner insights and deep inner wisdom.

Fortunately, mankind is currently in the process of gradually reminding itself of the old spiritual and energetic knowledge from ancient times. And that is very good for us.

We can only really wake up and return to our inner higher and Divine Self if we incorporate the full range of previous teachings and practices into our spirituality and daily life.

Even our consciousness is male-oriented

Our subconscious represents our female and receiving parts of consciousness. With the prefix “sub”, however, it seems to be something lower or less valuable than our male-oriented, structured and logically acting daily consciousness.

Why don’t we just call our unconscious in the future simply moon or lunar consciousness and our day consciousness becomes sun or solar consciousness …

With the union and harmonization of these two parts within us, we experience the super-consciousness with which we can obtain valuable insights and solutions for the many problems of our time.

We can now wake up and step by step strive for real changes in our society, in religion, education, politics, economy, science and also in our way of living and sharing the world together.

To do this, we must first allow the previous sacred female practices to find a larger place in our preconditioned and often too narrow-minded, logical ways of thinking and living.

We should urgently rediscover the old teachings of sacred shamanism, sacred sexuality, sacred prophecies and above all inner resurrection and union with the Higher Self and incorporate this age-old knowledge back into our daily life.

It will help us to lead our troubled world to a better harmony.

After many centuries, our unbalanced way of thinking has gradually led us to bigger and bigger problems in this world: wars, hunger, burnout, poverty … and Mother Earth suffers from the enormous burden that we put on her.

Logic and efficiency are important in many areas. But we must not be made slaves to this one-sided level of consciousness.

It is time for us to learn holistic and super-conscious thinking and living.

Let’s start with ourselves

Let us first find our own inner balance and inner healing.

For this, I think it is a good idea if we learn to contact our own Higher Self, in personified form as an inner Divine Mother and inner Divine Father.

Our stories and myths about the many Gods and Goddesses of the ancient times are remnants of the tribal knowledge of enlightened women and men. They found their awakening by following their heart, their inner voice, their inner intuitive guidance.

The male winners of the great war against matriachy did not trust their own inner powers too much. Instead, they preferred to project their divine perceptions onto the outside world.

They worshiped Madonna sculptures and prayed to the Divine Father in Heaven.

If one worships a holy statue or a cross symbol long and concentrated enough, this can also warm the heart, bring about inner healing and eventually lead to the perfection and holiness of a person.

But these external substitute representations were always only intended as a symbol for our inner conversation with our own Higher Self. What can make us holy is the deep, loving connection with our Inner Goddess and our Inner God, i.e. with our Higher Self.

If we work at all levels of our lives to harmonize our male and female parts, we will gradually find our very personal path to inner healing, inner guidance and inner growth.

Where can we go from here?

Is the story I was telling here completely true in every detail?

I honestly don’t know. I only know that I have recently received a lot of related historical facts and background information in my cradle of consciousness, and that this text then “accidentally” came about on International Women’s Day and during a full moon without my logical, conscious planning.

But is it really important whether every detail of the story is true?

If we do not first strive for a new harmonic balance in ourselves and then in all social structures, we humans will probably end up killing ourselves in one way or another.

Of course, this is also a way for Mother Earth to find the urgently needed change in order to get back into a balanced state.

We need a big change. For this to happen peacefully, we can only begin with our personal inner healing and development and our own inner balance between male and female energies and aspects.

I am firmly convinced that if we recall the old knowledge of our ancestors, rediscover it, share it with each other and revitalize it with our current awareness, then we can quickly find our inner balance again and ultimately reverse the negative development on this planet.

It would be a very good idea for us to come together in small groups of like-minded people in harmonious healing circles, if we meet there regularly and support each other in our inner development processes.

In these circles, we would accelerate our inner healing and spiritual growth, and we would have a place to connect with each other on a deep level.

Open-minded and empathic people would practice old healing techniques and rituals together, we would share our experiences and we could more and more remember the sacred knowledge of our past.

Healer & Creator is probably ancient

I believe, the Healer & Creator technique is one of the very old healing techniques that the long forgotten Goddesses and Gods of the past have successfully used for their own inner healing, for their spiritual growth and for their enlightenment.

Many years ago, I intuitively experienced this wonderful healing and energy technology one morning when I woke up.

Within a millisecond of unlimited clarity, I saw and felt the exact process of channeling and focusing Chi or Universal Life Energy, so that one could use it in different ways.

As universal as the all-encompassing and penetrating Life Energy is, the wonderful possibilities of this healing and energy technique are equally diverse.

We can use it to create energetic fields that heal, harmonize and transform us and others internally.

I practiced H&C alone for many years until I understood: This knowledge is not just for me. Anyone who wants to open up to the energetic world should be able to learn and use it.

However, Healer & Creator is just one of many old techniques that we can rediscover. Other spiritual teachings come, for example, from the Wicca, the Womb Shamans and Womb Priestesses and many other long-forgotten inner healing traditions.

Together, we can make the journey to ourselves.

We are changing ourselves step by step, and with it the entire world, because everything is connected to everything.


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