Should I always offer comfort, when someone is sad?

Yesterday, Mina and I found out about some very sad information about a past life experience that we believe we had together.

For some hours before, we were sitting together on the sofa, talking and touching, writing down ideas and insights. But this particular sad insight we received in a small moment of time, when Mina was on the toilet, seperated only by a mandala cloth from me. So, we were able to communicate, but we couldn’t hug and comfort each other.

Both of us went through an intense healing journey, deeply weeping, but then also accepting and thankfully releasing the emotions that were attached to this piece of information.

I’m pretty sure that the inner processing would have been much more difficult, if we would have comforted each other in that moment. It would have interrupted the free flow of our tears and the energies could not have flown away.

Sometimes, comforting can be counterproductive. Sometimes, you just need the other to be there for you, but you might need to go through a healing process on your own.


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