Spirituality without sex is a lie

This provocative headline hides a sad truth: The major world religions and thus our social environment have made it clear to us that spirituality and sexuality have nothing to do with each other.

One goes to church (or to the temple or ashram) to pray. It’s best to have sex in the dark and prefer not to talk about it publicly. Well, society’s attitudes towards it have eased a bit in recent decades.

But how can sex and spirituality be combined?

Let’s ask differently: Why should we separate these two areas so neatly from each other?

As a young yogi, I lived in a spiritual community for a few years and meditated a lot there, often up to three hours a day. If a sexual thought occurred during meditation, I tried to suppress it. Or I ended my meditation.

It took many years for me to understand that sexuality is the primary energetic force in this universe.

Because everything created is based on the flow of energy between the poles of the yin (the female force) and the yang (the male force).

These two poles strive to unite. And it is precisely this desire to be whole (which is deeply rooted in our being) that creates a tension between the two opposites.

It is an uninterrupted flow of energy. The electric current of the energetic world. A powerful force that you can use for your spiritual development and healing.

Only one type of energy flows in our energy body. We can call it Universal Life Energy, prana or chi, but it always remains the same energy. And it is sexual because it is polarized like the electrical current of a battery. The desire to connect both poles makes the energy flow.

In Sanskrit the most important energy channels in our body are called ida (female) and pingala (male), in Chinese Tao they are called the moon channel (or: water channel) and sun channel (or: fire channel).

In the Healer & Creator Energy Flow Exercise, too, we work with two polarities: by inhaling, we draw up the energies inside us and by exhaling, we distribute the energies in our personal energy field.

No matter how you want to name this energy flow: We work here with sexual energies, with the natural flow between Yin and Yang. When you practice Healer & Creator, you are already using the most powerful force in this universe, the basis of everything that is: cosmic, sexual energy.

You can consciously use this flow of energy between the two opposite poles for yourself and let it circulate inside you, be nourished and healed by it. You can use it to cleanse and harmonize your chakras. You can use the energy for the achievement of your personal goals or for your inner growth.

You can find more on this topic in my new book: Blissful Ecstasy – Healer & Creator: Next Level.


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