The inner center in moving times

We’re probably all thinking a lot about what’s going to happen next.

Is the world getting much better now because we have learned something and can now change our way of living?

Or is the police state coming with forced vaccinations? Maybe Bill Gates will find out how he hardwires the new Microsoft Windows to our DNA. (We can still laugh about it.)

Corona can also be translated as a wreath of light or a halo.

What about your own glow right now? Do you allow yourself to be frightened and paranoid by the media and many of our fellow human beings, or do you always manage to remain confident in your inner center?

It is said that fear radically affects the inner radiance, the magnetic strength of the heart and even our immune system. Of course, these would not be good conditions in such a difficult and special time.

By the way, sadness, anger or even hate (for those up there or whoever) unfortunately don’t bring you much further.

By no means do I imply that we should simply swallow these feelings or suppress them. No, feelings either want to be lived out or otherwise processed, or they will eventually show up as malicious energetic, physical or mental illnesses in our system.

Because everything that we are currently hiding from our daily consciousness ends up in our inner shadow, according to Carl Gustav Jung.

This shadow is part of our subconscious and sometimes develops an amazing momentum. One can say that it always brings us into very strange life situations that apparently serve only one purpose.

The shadow seems to whisper to us at such moments: “Look at me, look closely…! I am a part of you…”

Because we are everything we can feel and think, not just what we have marked as “positive” inside. And definitely not only what we have labeled “negative”.

If you become aware of what belongs to you (and also what doesn’t), if you can take on (and also love) yourself as you really are, you will find your true inner center, then you will shine more than others, one could almost notice a halo around you…

Especially in this special time, we should consciously take care of our inner processes. And I’m sure that each of us currently has them.

Our world is too much about efficiency, success, laws and prohibitions. And far too little about our feelings and inner values. You can’t make money with them.

We still have a lot to learn, we humans!

But it always starts within ourselves.

Please take time for yourself.

Then we don’t need an MS Windows DNA chip. ?


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