The patriarchy within you

Everything has become very strict in this world. We have to follow far too many rules.

I’m not just talking about the gigantic global jungle of laws, but also about thousands of unwritten codes of conduct that people have to orientate themselves to get through life in a reasonably alive way.

Where can humans live out what is really inside of them?

Or more specifically: Where can humans (men and women) actually live out their inner female parts?

Because education, training, business and science are governed by the strict rules of the patriarchy that still governs over us: strict, mathematically exact rules that are little merciful and only know the material and the logical.

As outside, so inside: How important are your feelings and dreams in your life, how often do you notice them in the course of your day?

How much time do you really devote to your own inner energetic healing work and care for yourself and others?

How often do we actually listen (also to ourselves) and how often can we enjoy the perfect silence (internally or externally)?

What is more important to you, the day or the night?

I think the vast majority of us live in a thoroughly patriarchal life.

We can only find true inner peace with ourselves if we can balance our inner Yin and Yang parts.

Not only men have a lot to catch up on, I also think that very few women live out their inner Yin parts to a healthy degree.

Our moon consciousness (subconscious) and our feelings do not receive the necessary attention and care from us in our “modern” life.

This creates a deep imbalance in us, and of course in our societies as well.

All people instinctively yearn for perfect harmony.

If we want to see the perfect harmony in the outside world, we first have to get it inside.

Because the outside in the world can only ever be a reflection of our collective inside.


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