We cannot FIGHT the shadow

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Our shadow is part of us

All inner parts that we don’t want to look at, end up in our shadow. These can be things that we rate as negative, but also elements that we actually find very positive, but which we still do not see in ourselves and do not want to recognize.

But our shadow is part of us.

If we try to fight our inner shadow, we are only injuring ourselves.

You cannot destroy the shadow. But if we try, it will back away.

Our shadow consciousness already knows when it is undesirable. It will then gather new strength in peace. And come back one day, bigger and more powerful than before!

Will we finally take a closer look?

Our shadow consciousness has only one goal: it wants to show us who we really are so that we can fully accept and love ourselves (despite our imperfection).

Just as we are. And not the way we would like to be.

So, how do we deal with our shadow?

First of all, we have to understand that our shadow is not our enemy.

Marie-Louise von Franz, a Swiss classical philologist and assistant to C.G. Jung, describes it very clearly:

“The shadow is not necessarily always an opponent.

Actually, he is exactly like every human being with whom you have to get along with, sometimes by giving in, sometimes by resisting, sometimes by giving love – whatever the situation requires.

The shadow becomes hostile only when he is ignored or misunderstood.”

Marie-Louise von Franz

Carl Gustav Jung painted his shadow, gave him a name and spoke to him. The personification of shadow consciousness brings us closer to it.

Our shadow portion often wishes nothing more than our loving understanding. That’s all.

So, if we notice an inner part that we don’t really like in ourselves, a flaw on our white vest, then the best thing we can do is simply hold it in our arms for a moment in our imagination. Just hold, and be there.

And maybe we can also be thankful for what the shadow showed us.

We can also ask, if he or she wants anything special.

Maybe the shadow wants you to change a bad habit of yours, for example?

Then you’re in luck. Because it will give you the strength needed to make this change in your life. Our ego theater, which we organize for ourselves to maintain the illusion of the white vest, consumes a lot of energy that we could use much better for other things!

And then, we let go of our shadow, we just let it go.

The shadow consciousness is never completely gone. But it will hold back until it has found a new unloved inner part that we need to look at urgently.

And then again: hug lovingly … clarify what you can learn from it … and let go. It’s that simple.

But never underestimate its strength!

The picture is from the Aurora Consurgens, an old book with alchemical content attributed to Thomas Aquinas.

Take a close look at what the hidden angel of the shadow brought with her in her golden beaming body …

So, I see a gold and black sword and around it curls a red and white Kundalini snake.

This can now be interpreted in several directions. In any case, we can probably agree that this angel has very, very mighty powers!

So, you should never underestimate this angel, never think: “Oh me? I have no shadow at all. I am already so full of love, there is no such thing with me.”

Really not?

Our shadow angel is a master in hide and seek. But only to gather strength. And then comes the sword and the golden radiance.

Will you then be able to hug your shadow angel?

Corona, our collective shadow of the world

And what if the current corona crisis, along with all the changes and upheavals it has caused, is the disguised collective shadow of the world that wants to get us to look at it in its own way?

I think, there is a lot that we need to take a closer look at now.

And we still have to look closely and question the things we just put up with, even when this process really hurts.

We cannot go on as before.

After us, the deluge! one says. I wonder, if this saying goes back to Atlantis. Were you also already there at that time? ?

Back then, we had the same problem as now. Instead of exchanging ourselves with our personal shadow and also with our world shadow, we have projected it into a fear of a great flood!

And then it came. The myth lives. And it repeats itself.

But the shadow angel just wants us to look closely.

We may calmly question everything that we have learned in our self-constructed upbringing and education system.

We should of course start with the monetary system and compound interest.

And what about our 1984 surveillance vision made true, because we have to protect ourselves?

And why did our healthcare industry prefer to only deal with symptoms and still doesn’t understand much about salutogenesis?

A system of science that doesn’t even allow the energetic and spirit worlds to exist?

Why does our media consist mainly of violence and negative news? And why does it belong only to a few and not to all?

And do we actually still listen to each other properly, or does just everyone want to box through their own opinion?

Are you free to live your life the way you want it to be?

But wait! Stop!

Before we take care of the outside world, we first have to hug our own shadow angel.

Do you know your shadow I mean, do you really know him or her?

And can you accept and embrace your shadow so that you can love yourself from the bottom of your heart as you really are?

You are perfect in your imperfection.

And it’s okay, you can love yourself the way you really are.

Of course, you don’t always have to stay that way, you can also develop yourself further.

Because you are a healer and a creator.

And much, much, much more …

Aurora Consurgens manuscript, Zurich


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