Healthy Sexuality

Healthy sexuality – Let’s talk about sex!

In the past and today many teenagers grow up with porn. Often it is their first approach to sexuality when they try to understand what man and woman actually do together.

There is a bit of education at school, but it certainly seems rather antiquated and alien to life now as it did then compared to the colourful pictures and films on the internet.

In the mainstream media we see above all: violence! Violence in the news, in feature films and even in lunchtime talk shows and soap operas, because verbal violence is also a form of aggression.

What we do not see in these media in general, unfortunately, are real examples of a positively lived sexuality.

I think almost none of us learned at a young age how to experience a happy, fulfilled and above all healthy sexuality with a partner. Everyone tinkers with it, everyone teaches it to themselves.

Some are very lucky or skilled in their choice of partner, others learn it from different experiences in different kinds of love relationships.

In the media the topic is almost completely ignored. If a soap opera is to fulfil an educational mission, wouldn’t it also be a valuable task to show how relationships can be made romantic, creative, cooperative and full of lust and pleasure?

And even as an esoterically educated person, it is still not so easy today to gain deeper wisdom about sacred sexuality.

There are, for example, ancient techniques how to use this strong elemental human power to move subtle and subtle-spiritual energies in the different body and world dimensions in a targeted way, to heal with them or to create something with them. They are there, this information, but mostly well hidden. I think Mantak Chia is a good place to get some first information here, as long as you can make friends with the eastern thinking system.

Here and there the old teachings reappear now, after they were long lost. Even our “fine-spirit archaeologists”, i.e. talented media and channels, are currently digging them out of ancient records of the Akashic Chronicle.

The truths that have long been kept from us are coming to light again. For in the serious study of these forces, it quickly becomes clear that the energy of sexuality is something like an astral form of electricity.

Accordingly, one can imagine how strong and powerful this subtle spiritual energy is in the higher dimensions…

There are people who think: Thank God hardly anyone believes in a reality above the third dimension! What would be going on in the world if people would release their fine spiritual healing and creative powers with healthy and energetically experimental sexuality?


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