Healer & Creator is a fusion of energetic healing technique, yoga and magic

We swim in a boundless sea of universal life energy …

Learn and experience (for free!) The simple and versatile energetic H&C technique with which you can actively use this universal life energy and thus positively change your life and the world around you.

Go on a wonderful journey to yourself and become a healer and creator.

Heal emotional wounds from your past. Release blockages and problems in your life. Get energetic support for your goals, visions and plans. Change your world.

You already know deep down inside: Your powers are limitless. All you need to wake up is a memory.

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″Don’t be afraid of becoming

your highest light and deepest love.

Trust and follow.

In freeing yourself,

you will free the others.”

A fire fairy butterfly, spirit and keeper of the flames, offers the young woman Ayana to follow the calling of her inner prophecy to become a High Priestess of Sanuela. Will she be able to let go of her fears, develop her energetic healing abilities and take on the responsibility to create beautiful visions of love for the good of Sanuela?


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″Stillness comes

when we hug

and hold each other.”

For souls seeking closeness, Sensual Energetic Healing (SEH) is a beautiful meditation experience with heart and touch. Hooray, we are humans and not bio-robots! Let’s learn a new coming together with each other, let´s open our heart chakras and expand our capacity to love…

For singles, SEH is an easy, new way to more human closeness. Couples can balance their togetherness, deepening and refining their connection. Or, if both agree, they look for one or more energetic healing partners to experience the meditative, loving embrace with other souls together.

We experience being held, forgiven,
trusted and unconditionally loved.
We let go. We feel ourselves.

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Have you already integrated the basic technique of Healer & Creator into your life, and are you ready for more?

In this book I will show you new ways and possibilities how you can perceive your subtle energies even more intensely and work more powerfully with them, so that your energetic and spiritual work can reach new heights.

The basic technique of Healer & Creator is expanded to include very powerful facets. You will learn how to use the electrical tension between yin and yang for yourself and how to let the resulting subtle energy circulate inside you.

Healer & Creator becomes an ever-accompanying meditation that can accompany you anywhere and anytime and fill you with blissful ecstasy.

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We live in a world that is in the midst of dynamic change. Truths come to light, our old structures dissolve, we perceive completely new perspectives. Synchronicities occur more frequently, more and more people report out of body experiences and telepathic experiences.

Our planet Gaia switches into a new path of consciousness and takes us with it. We experience a change in thinking, in our understanding of health and through a new balance of our values in life.

It is time to wake up Let’s find out who we really are: multidimensional beings in a multidimensional world with almost unlimited abilities that we mistakenly call supernatural. We are healers and creators. And it’s time for a new world.

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With this exercise book for a new world, with the help of Healer & Creator, you can experience the healing energies and qualities of eight different archetypes in their two gender roles within yourself. You could say that you take in their subtle and subtle-spiritual energies and connect with their consciousness.

The book is an exciting journey of self-discovery. Almost playfully we come from the creative to inner peace and self-determination, we discover our higher-dimensional healing abilities, learn to listen to the inner voice, change our habits, recognize ourselves as creators of our world(s), prepare us for what is to come and experience a crowning at the end of the journey.

If you like, we can take this heroic journey together, step by step. You can learn to feel powerful energies of the higher dimensions to bring them into the daily life of your New World. You are a healer and creator. This book is about practical implementation.

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The pearls of our happiness are hidden in our inner shadows. It is worth diving for them because the dissolution, inner healing or transformation of these subtle and subtle energies frees us from old bonds and paves the way for the evolution of our consciousness.

This book is filled with personal experiences, received messages and insights about shadow parts, thought monsters and emotion demons, ego inflammations, spiritual dream work, karma forgiveness and dissolution. But personal experience is much more important than theoretical knowledge, which is why a workshop of at least five weeks to do it yourself at home is included, with new applications for them Healer & Creator Energy exercise.

The spiritual high technology of the dark retreat has been known to us for thousands of years, but for a long time it was forbidden and concealed or was only reserved for the initiated. It’s time we rediscovered and explored the darkness. The inner light is hidden in it, from the author’s point of view one of the most beautiful experiences a person can have on this earth.

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