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Healer & Creator is a fusion of energetic healing technique, yoga and magic

We swim in a boundless sea of universal life energy …

Learn and experience (for free!) The simple and versatile energetic H&C technique with which you can actively use this universal life energy and thus positively change your life and the world around you.

Go on a wonderful journey to yourself and become a healer and creator.

Heal emotional wounds from your past. Release blockages and problems in your life. Get energetic support for your goals, visions and plans. Change your world.

You already know deep down inside: Your powers are limitless. All you need to wake up is a memory.

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″Stillness comes

when we hug

and hold each other.”

For souls seeking closeness, Sensual Energetic Healing (SEH) is a beautiful meditation experience with heart and touch. Hooray, we are humans and not bio-robots! Let’s learn a new coming together with each other, let´s open our heart chakras and expand our capacity to love…

For singles, SEH is an easy, new way to more human closeness. Couples can balance their togetherness, deepening and refining their connection. Or, if both agree, they look for one or more energetic healing partners to experience the meditative, loving embrace with other souls together.

We experience being held, forgiven,
trusted and unconditionally loved.
We let go. We feel ourselves.

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