One Morning in 2025…

It is 2025.

I live in a world in which the principles of love “rule” alongside those of reason.

It is a world in which the freedom and the development possibilities of all souls (people and animals) are in the foreground, always in loving harmony with Mother Earth. ?

With sensible technology and free media that really belong to people and not corporations, institutions or states.

There is basic income now. Yes, it is actually unconditional.

I think that many people will only be able to trust a state or an institution again in a few years.

When they can see it impressively how these man-made structures actually and truly strive for the best and highest well-being as well as the greatest possible physical and mental freedom for all people.

In this new world, it is my own self-determined choice how dangerous I think something is for myself or for others.

We are well informed and advised by independently financed sources, but I can also do my own research and then make my own decisions.

In this new world, there is no police state that tells you not to go out of the house for 6 weeks except for shopping.

Some things were really wrong with the old money system. It was too complicated. And it took too much from the poor and gave too much to the rich. It was simply unfair.

Now, there is this new system. Before the major currency change in 2022, this was a courageous, small association that had been thinking and writing about money in a very people-friendly way for many years.

Now, there is freedom in the mind too. You can think and talk about everything again, nobody is discredited or ridiculed for it.

After all, switching off the alternative opinions had brought us into huge difficulties a few years ago. At some point, people just didn’t want to hear all the daily corporate propaganda anymore.

They just switched off the media, and they found their way back to themselves.

Everyone in their own way.

In the end, this led to the big change towards our new world.

They just switched off.

Nobody could forbid that.

It’s nice now, in 2025. I feel good. I feel free!

For example, my career development options are now hardly restricted any more.

In the old world, there were actually big corporations that filtered database queries, so that certain results were preferred, and others (for example alternative healing methods) were specially filtered out or only displayed on page 12 …

In the past, personal distribution options were also severely restricted on social media. Ultimately, each person could only reach 20 other people, and always only the same!

Incredible, that at that time the people could not do anything against such corporate interests, even after the first slowly noticed what was going on.

Everything is different now.

Social media now belongs to the people.

A lot is happening also in research right now.

A lot of crowdfunded studies are now starting on things that don’t make any money.

Right from the start we had found out how harmful all this radiation from the Internet satellites was for the human microbiome and therefore also for our immune system.

Of course, the satellites were switched off immediately. Then they were directed into the atmosphere to burn up. A huge play of lights, you could see it from all over the world! There were thousands.

Most people in the old world knew nothing about it. At the time, no one hadn’t even asked anyone whether they wanted WiFi in their front yard and in the last little corner of the world, even in all nature reserves, schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

I don’t think we will have any problems with any viruses in the near future. We now all know how to keep your immune system fit.

The supermarkets now have almost only organic and natural foods. All this old industrial mush, which we have been made tasty for years, is no longer manufactured.

Our official medicinal catalog is now being compiled from scratch. All the thousands and thousands of medicinal herbs and plants that have been gradually removed over the past few decades are now being carefully restored.

This is a hell of a job! Unfortunately, some of our ancestors’ old knowledge has already been irrevocably lost.

Of course, we always add the researched side effects of each medicinal plant. There is usually not much to write there.

And underneath, as an alternative healing suggestion, so to speak, there is sometimes a chemical substance from the pharmaceutical laboratories in this medicinal catalog. But in second place!

And, of course, we are not going to do such nonsense again like, for example, forbid French farmers to use homemade nettle tea in their fields, so that they then have to use the harmful chemical products.

We allow and support the use of old seeds again. And we will definitely not go back to the dependency and powerful size of a single large and billion-dollar giant that can easily influence our health protection laws with its gigantic profits.

Our children can now grow up more naturally.

They can play and explore a lot more and discover for themself.

This narrow-minded school drill no longer exists; instead, personal responsibility has the highest priority.

Finally, empathy and cooperation are now being conveyed instead of competition.

And real creativity, not just painting by numbers.

The school subject religion went down in history. Instead, there is now metaphysics.

That’s great. Our youngest are now learning meditation and the first simple energetic healing methods.

And the elderly are already learning how to harmonize, heal and use the creative powers of group consciousness.

It is totally exciting what the young people from “Youth research” are trying out in this direction!

These children will change the world in even more good directions, I’m sure of that!

They are now growing up completely without this old power structure that could seduce even the most intelligent people at that time.

The sun tickles my nose and I wake up.

It is 2020.

There is a lot to do.


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