What is intelligence?

We are so proud of our “intelligence”…

That’s how we usually name our logical mind. However, it has only a limited amount to do with intelligence, but much more with the straightforward follow-up of familiar thinking patterns, also with structure, planning and reliability.

Our minds know how to and should behave in this world. Our minds know how to and should think or speak or write.

But it certainly doesn’t have much to do with intelligence.

It is intelligent, if you take creative breaks and do not always meet your trained target that is based on efficiency.

Intelligent is an artist who can express what he cannot put into words.

Intelligent is a high priestess from the old stories of myths and legends, who was able to decide not only with the old law books of her ancestors but also with her heart what was right and what was wrong.

You can be intelligent if you can combine the cooling powers of your logical brain with the warming gifts of your empathetic feeling.

If you can dim down your neocortex when needed and let your heart shine instead.

I didn’t want to write anything this morning and didn’t even know what topic.

Instead, I took beautiful photos on our terrace. You can’t just write every day.

It was good for me. The incredible colors of these bright flowers comfort and exhilarate me.

It’s almost like the flowers are talking to me.

As if they were whispering to me to open the heart further.

I think that would do us all good.

To open the heart.

Open properly.

Not just a little bit for Christmas and on your birthday.

But very wide. Every day.

Our minds have led us to scientific materialism, making us blind on one eye.

Our logic is a wonderful gift. But letting go can be a much bigger one.

And once you let go, you can then, very carefully first, add a little structure and plan and logic.

Until you find your optimal balance.

And then you stay there.

In your center, in your balance, in your intelligent heart field.


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