A New Chakra Values with 21 Levels (1: Root Chakra)

Please read this article first: Which Values Will We Follow in the Coming Decades?

I would like to explain this idea in further articles. We start “down below” with the root chakra, because this is all about the basis and balance of the human being.

In a New World I wish for a society that puts the well-being of each individual first, for its own highest good. This includes first of all the three main energies represented by the root chakra:

  • basic needs
  • security
  • Geborgenheit

Geborgenheit? Unfortunately, there is no english word that describes what the German Geborgenheit means. Think of how you feel when you are all cuddled up with a very much loved person, safe and secure and very much loved and cared for. I will use this word (and the expression to feel geborgen) throughout this article.

Basic needs must be met

First and foremost, we must fulfil the basic needs that are so urgently necessary for life, so that we can move our energies into higher dimensions… Otherwise we will always remain in a struggle and fear for our financial or physical security, we lack balance and support.

If we have to take care of our basic needs every day, it can feel like a constant struggle for many people. Because of our natural instinct for survival, many people then put their own ego above other people as personal self-protection.

This leads to narrow-minded egoism and to more confrontation than cooperation. In time, we even lose our innate empathy! I know this because I have experienced it myself.

But in a world where our most important basic needs are already covered, most people would naturally treat each other with much more love and, above all, much more cooperation. We would then no longer need to distinguish so strongly between mine and yours. We would share more, because we have everything we need.

You can see this very well with small children, at least before they are drilled by our “modern” system on confrontation and competition against each other…

If you have to worry most of your day only about your own financial self-protection, then you are also deprived of the great opportunity to deal intensively with spiritual and energetic topics.

You then have no time for it at all.

Most of your energies are then stuck in the first chakra.

Without Geborgenheit, a newborn baby dies.

So, a person can die not only from lack of food… but also from lack of Geborgenheit!

How much Geborgenheit do you feel in your life?

Do you have a relationship that gives you support and strength?

Then you are one of the lucky ones today:

I think there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Especially singles have to fight hard to experience a feeling of Geborgenheit.

Some people learn to give themselves this feeling (for example with an additional application of the Healer & Creator technique). Others try one-night stands and short relationships.

Cuddling has a healing effect on us

It takes at least two to cuddle. Nowadays it is almost a wonderful gift to be able to hold a relationship together.

They don’t really teach you how to do it, you have to try it all by yourself…

In my previous relationships, I, too, failed for decades because I failed on myself. ?

We should learn in a New School how to have a good relationship!

In the past, people were together for decades and decades.

And much earlier, too, when there were no church marriages. In such times there are said to have been other constellations than just the “holy marriage” much more often…

But such forms of living together were forbidden by state and church until the word polygamy appears to us as something somehow sick and abnormal… (This might be a different topic for another article).

I think people used to know how important Geborgenheit really is in life.

Look around you, how many people today really feel inner Geborgenheit?

Anyone who feels a deep emotional security in these troubled times has probably spent years preparing themselves inwardly. Because many people have instinctively felt it: We will need a strong relationship with each other when the Great Change comes.

Security is important. But security is not the only value.

Why should we put just ONE word at the forefront of our actions: Security! …

That’s old one-dimensional thinking.

Let us rather try to find out how we can meet the basic needs of as many people as possible with healthy food. Sufficient food, water, internet and a roof over our heads should be a matter of course nowadays.

If we all had that, the artificially high value of security would lose some of its importance. If everyone had enough to live on.

Maybe this is much more important than setting distance (anti-cuddling) rules imposed “for security reasons”?

I also don’t know if all these surveillance cameras and the (planned) tracking apps really give anyone a feeling of more security?

Wouldn’t an unconditional basic supply of all the essentials of life provide much greater security? This is also affordable, I have been told. (You could take a little money from the security department if necessary, whose money is unfortunately mainly invested in weapons instead).

By primary care I mean healthy primary care.

We should not feed our bodies for years with adulterated industrial sludge, because this leads to at least 80% of all so-called “civilization diseases”, according to the Pareto principle.

The current industrial nutrition also leads to a broken immune system, so that every new wave of flu scares us to death.

For a healthy life we need as many different bacteria, viruses (yes, even those!) and other microorganisms as possible. We even consist of more micro-organisms than human cells, so we should first of all take care of our dear roommates.

They are a very important part of us.

We cannot fight against them. We must learn to live better with them.

This is what makes us safe.

The mutual exchange of Geborgenheit also gives us a strong feeling of security…

You may see how everything is connected.

Maybe you are one of those lucky ones who can feel safe and geborgen here and now. Maybe because you can give yourself the feeling of Geborgenheit and safety. Maybe you also have an inner faith that gives you this feeling.

In one way or another, you should try to balance these three root chakra values within yourself in order to experience a truly thoroughly happy life.

Of course, security against external threats is still of great importance.

But this level with the three root chakra values comes together as a whole. These values are firmly bound together, each value is inseparably linked to the other two important values.

Can you imagine such a perfect balance of values before your inner eyes?

Good. And suddenly our concept of life is enriched by two dimensions…

But it gets so much better… ?

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