About Kundalini Activation

After hearing some personal testimonials from souls going to events with “kundalini activation” after they have seen some marketing videos of twitching and spasming bodies, I feel like sharing a bit.

In my latest fantasy books (High Priestess of Sanuela + Ayana, My Light and My Love) I call her the “Divine Serpent of Awakening”. She is a powerful source of creative energy and we all host her inside of us.

Usually, she sleeps, all day and all night. In some bodies, all their life. Only occasionally, she turns a bit and lets us feel her power. That is for example when we have uplifting or inspiring thoughts or feelings, when synchronocities happen or we get glimpses of divine awakening.

We might feel a tingling in our spine or astral body, sometimes a flush of energy, and yes, some spasm can also come. For sensitive souls, it actually is very natural and can happen at all times, especially while being close with someone of the opposite gender.

But she can also come when a closely connected soul passes on to the astral worlds. She comes during sacred sensuality, while dancing or when we stay in darkness for a couple of days.

Afterwards, she coils up again and waits until the soul is fully ready to live with her – for that comes with challenges.

Once she is arisen, you cannot turn her down. You will live with her for the rest of your life and she will push you to awaken further. So, you need to be sure about what you want, first.

But we cannot force her to come and arise fully. And if we try, it can be dangerous and totally overwhelming.

Gladly, most of the “activation events” are just for wellness. You hear some music, someone does a bit of energy work, and some people actually appear to feel something and think this was the serpent.

There is usually no harm in going to these events. Have a wonderful experience, but please don’t expect your life to change afterwards.

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