Open Words about Human Design

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Human Design may be a good tool for self-discovery, but I would not define myself or others on these limited categories. We are so much more! ??

People kept telling me that I would be one certain type… so I read about it and it certainly fit well. When I later found an online tool to have it calculated and then had AI explain me what it means, it was something completely else. And it also fit very well!

Interesting experience, for it showed me how much our belief in certain systems of the mind can decide about our growth direction. So, please just feel where you want to go.

Based on my experience, I felt that we should open our consciousness to much more than only four main categories. Simplicity can have its charm, but humans are very, very complex in nature. Of course, every tool helps a bit and if you learn something from each one, you know a bit better about yourself.

But I feel a bit like in the times when we were devided into the four colour types of the seasons for what suits best to our skin and looks, etc. I explained to my personal colour guide that I am much more than just this one season (winter). She said, well, but this is how the system works. Many years later, the company (Color Me Beautiful) found out that we are more, and opened up to many in-betweens and mixtures. ??

Why not let your heart decide what and who you are.

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