Energetic House Cleaning: self-made!

You come into a room, maybe you are invited for a visit somewhere. And something feels “weird” in this room… You do not feel well in this room.

Most of the time you can’t exactly say why. If it is not the color choice and not the furniture, maybe the room is even clean and tidy… and yet there is “something”. In some rooms it just doesn’t feel “free” and “loving”.

Subtle energies not only surround every human being (we call that aura), but they are also attached to objects, cabinets, and walls.

What is stored in your rooms?

There are people who are almost always surrounded by a joyful, lively and loving aura. Who is a little more sensitive, then often feels a very similar energy in the rooms in which this person stays a lot.

But who is always and every day joyful, lively and loving? ­čśë We all have our worries and problems too, maybe there is a quarrel at home or we experience other intense negative emotions in our own four walls.

All this information is stored in the objects, walls, floors, ceilings, in all the corners of our home.

And everything stored in this way also involuntarily influences our mood and behavior. We usually do not notice that. We are only surprised when we have difficulty getting out of a negative mood, when we feel uninspired or perhaps constrained.

Is it time for an energetic house cleaning?

Just as we in our home (hopefully) regularly do the vacuuming, wiping and cleaning, so we should also take care of a regular energetic cleaning of our apartment or our house.

Of course, you can google an expert who then comes into the house and cleans the negative energies for example with incense and singing bowls.

You can also work intensively with Feng Shui and redesign the apartment or the house accordingly, so that a free energy exchange can take place. As long as the energies are always in motion, negatively charged subtle energies are cleaned out faster.

Can I clean my home energetically myself?

Or you simply do the energetic cleaning yourself – because that’s really not a special witchcraft. (Even if self-proclaimed witches offer this service for a fee.)

Personally, I often use natural incense sticks (not those with artificial flavors!) and go through every room with them. I also open all the larger cabinets and make sure that the smoke and scent really get into every corner.

Others use singing bowls or bells and make them sound at every turn and every corner. Some sprinkle salt (or place salt bowls in the house), others spray water with an essential oil.

Doing this regularly as a ritual with the right intention in your own home can be very helpful for a happy and relieved life.

Energetic house cleaning with H&C

There is another, very elegant and effective way to energetically purify your own four walls. Learn for free (!) the energy technique Healer and Creator and then use the H&C energy spheres for neatly cleaning your home energetically.

The energy balls you send out can be so concentrated that they clean away everything with light and love that you do not want in your private environment: all the stored worries and other negative emotions are easily resolved.

In an add-on module to the H&C basic technique, I will give you a very specific guide on how to do this.

Or you simply rely on your intuition and just try out yourself how you can work with the surrounding life energy and your hands to free your home of any energetic garbage.


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