Fear of the dark?

Fear of the dark is the name of a famous song by Iron Maiden, which I still remember well from “Rock am Ring”, a famous German rock festival. My buddy sang it already on the way there in the car and several times while setting up the tent. Maybe we had just opened the third beer.

Fear of the Dark. Is fear the reason why many can’t imagine spending two or three hours in complete darkness?

Do the mostly unconscious fears come from stories or vague memories in which we may have had traumatic experiences in the dark in a past life?

Or do they come because we have been shown all our lives on all the screens in the world that the darkness is something to fear?

The first time I took time for the darkness and thus at the same time for my Inner Light, it was a cautious getting to know, first with a candle, then without, maybe for two hours or three. It felt good and right for me, I felt at home inside. It worked in me, like a whole liter of ceremonial cocoa. My heart center opened quickly and quite wide. My time in complete darkness has fundamentally changed my life for the better several times.

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