Why I love doing dark retreats

They are indescribably beautiful experiences, when we (with healthy pineal gland) after some days in complete darkness “see” our inner soul light as a reflection or when we shine and radiate from our inside, so brightly that we can hardly sleep in these often wave-like phases. We feel happiness, gratitude and joy of life, it energetically provides us with energy and astral tingling.

When we see our Inner Light, we perceive ourselves. It is so beautiful that it becomes quite easy to be able to love ourselves with all our heart. We let go, we accept. A healing experience journey that brings me a big step forward each time.

After a few days of growth and inner healing, I come out as a new human being, with more self-honesty and a better connection with myself.

I feel centered in myself afterwards, at peace with myself. It feels blissful. Usually tears flow sooner or later, a mixture of emotions of love, gratitude and joy.

This feeling lasts for a long time and I can always remember the intense inner experiences I was allowed to experience. This helps me to hold or find my center again even in difficult situations.

The experiences gathered in the darkness and the processes lived through put some things in my outside world into a different frame. Many things in the everyday world of the third dimension take on a different value for me. Some things become less important, others I learn to appreciate more. Things change, all by themselves. Growing and healing, the path goes on and on.

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