Inner Guidance through the Higher Self

My dearest Higher Self!

I, the Human Me, can ask you something and You are always right there.

I can feel Your active guidance throughout my life.

You are my Future Me.

From Your perspective, You are planning my future incarnation (which is this one).

You are doing this in the Now, because the Now is All That Is.

From my human perspective, you have done this a couple months or years before I was born.

I call that the past, but it really is the Now.

Because there is only Now.

My Future Me is my Perfect Developed Me (or, my God Me if you would like to call it that way).

My Future Self has already experienced the perfect journey, the whole development.

I have been in many plants… on other levels we were animals… “after” that, we were many people…

I, or we, were all that, in what we call “the past”.

But time doesn’t exist in the higher dimensions.

So, on some level, everything is happening at the same time.

You are planning and guiding my life right now, in this very moment.

You, my Higher Self, is dreaming my Human Self into existence.

P.S. Thank your for the weird pieces of wood that I found in my food (and not in Minas) three days in a row, now. That was a brilliant idea. It made me think and laugh. Who is materializing stuff in my food? 😉 Thank you.


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