Inner womb healing for men?

Inner womb healing is becoming more popular (again!). I must confess that about two years ago I knew nothing about this topic. Then I read a very enchanting book: Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life and discovered the womb within.

Yes, I am a man and have a perceptible womb area on the astral plane.

In the physical, three-dimensional body, women and men are two completely different living beings with different glands and different structure. But in the astral body there are no more material distinctions between yin and yang. In the astral body we are always both, constantly flowing and in exchange.

The energetic powers (and life values) of the second and third chakras are also connected to our inner womb. There is usually a lot of “cleaning up” to do within us before our womb can feel comfortable again. Furthermore, inner child and ego shadow blockages are often connected to the inner womb in one way or another.

It wants to be protected and well cared for, our inner womb. If you don’t take good care of it, you get subtle blockages, sometimes very quickly and sometimes very slowly over decades, through unhealthy habits or other automatic patterns.

The astral womb can also become a dangerous power. If it is hurt, it can show itself in anger, hatred, resentment, envy and all kinds of other negative emotions. And when it is afraid, it contracts very tightly, I can sometimes really feel it inside me.

If I bring the inner injuries and all the hitherto stored feelings of my astral womb into harmony, then it gives birth to harmonious feelings and emotions, it constantly creates new, better images of every colour. There is a lot of creativity in it, if we are ready for it.

The inner healing of the womb is important for all of us, for women and for men. Let’s heal her together.

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