Light Circle Meditations

While writing my new book We Are Family (to be published in German on a new moon in summer 2021), the synchronicities of life led me to a quite extraordinary energetic group healing method, although the basic idea has been known in a similar form for thousands of years in many spiritual cultures.

The details for the light circle meditations came to me half in writing and half in practice, because a dear friend needed energetic group support. It followed that we would now like to continue this first light circle family ourselves for mutual energetic growth and consciousness support.

The knowledge of the existence of a larger, unified group consciousness helps to maintain focus in meditation and to create a clear picture. Before continuing with the detailed description of the light circle meditations, here is my 2:33 minute animated film explaining this view (right now, still in German).

The words spoken are from my first Multidimensional book of 2020, when the effects and potentials of group consciousness were shown to me more and more clearly in my daily life.

I would like to invite you to experience loving group consciousness for yourself!

Below, you will find the detailed instructions for the light circle meditations. You can read them here or download my just finished free meditation timer app for Android, which also contains the full instructions (translation into english is coming soon).

The timer makes the three meditation phases audible and distinguishable – after every ten minutes a gong sounds (once, twice and three times). The recording of this gong comes directly from our living room temple.

I would be happy if the light circle meditations app goes around in circles, as we so appropriately say. 🙂 Try it out and start your own light circle family. Make your own experiences!

In the light circle meditations we rebuild our own astral world, we bring ourselves into inner balance with joint consciousness support, we open ourselves to more light and more love, and then we also radiate this out into our personal universe on an astral level.

We are astral antennas that send and receive in every moment of our being. This can be experienced in the light circle meditations.

(Excerpt from the not-yet-published book We are Family.)

What do you need to start?

To create your first own light circle family, find four to seven loving souls who are open to this experience. It can be some friends or acquaintances, and maybe they know others. Or you can find each other on the internet.

Make an appointment for the virtual thirty-minute meditations, for example in your own Telegram or Whatsapp chat group.

At the agreed time you can use the meditation timer of this app to be reminded of the three phases of the light circle meditation by a gong. The three phases are described in detail in the instructions.

To start the meditation timer you hear a single gong (= phase 1). After ten minutes of silent meditation time, two gongs sound, this heralds the second phase. After another ten minutes you wil hear the signal of three gongs, the last phase of the light circle meditation begins.

How often and how regularly you do your light circle meditations is up to you. If you want to do something else in the 3 x 10 minutes, you are welcome to do so. The instructions are therefore not a dogma, but only a suggestion that has proven itself in practice.

The ideal size of a light circle family is five to eight souls. Perhaps you would like to arrange to meditate together once a week?

If you notice that it helps you with your growth and your inner healing, then look for or create more circles of light afterwards. Maybe more people around you are interested and before one light circle becomes too big, just make two smaller ones.

We wish you wonderful experiences with the light circle meditations! Please remember: We are consciousness and we are connected… 🙂

With a lot of love, Natushohin and

P.S. If you like, tell me about your light circle experiences:

Light Circle Meditations

We are family. Light circle families are circles of five to eight light-filled souls who regularly meditate together, usually at arranged times, virtually connected to each other in the imagination, and take turns supporting each other with astral healing powers on their path of growth.

We have had our imagined light circle family meditations for many thousands of years. They have stood the test of time and they work wonderfully for us. They bring us into the heart centre and into the feeling of inner healing and inner balance.

We do our light circles very regularly with each other. They are good for everyone. It is a very similar technique to the one you call Ho’oponopono.

As three-dimensional living beings, we have aligned our minds with the continuous evolution of time. We are used to it that way. That is why it is better, especially in the first rounds of a light circle, to make out a clear time to the virtual higher-dimensional meeting.

This is not only recommended to calm the mind. The present time at the same time is still the most deeply materialised form of connection in the third dimension, on this level the astral energies work differently.

Agree beforehand which of you may lie in the imagined centre this time. This soul can also participate in the light circle meditation lying down if it wishes to do so.

Imagine the other souls standing or sitting together in a circle. Visualise the exact order of the other souls, the closest on the left and right, then the next-closest good friends. The order in the circle can also change spontaneously from time to time, and it is probably different for each light circle soul, this does not matter for the common group consciousness experience. It strengthens the precession in the imagination, thus the astral energies generated together are stronger.

If you wish, imagine holding the other light circle souls in the circle by the hands and in the middle lies the chosen soul with closed eyes, letting go and receiving.

In the first phase of the joint light circle meditation you can ask the soul in the middle for forgiveness and forgive it.

Keep it very general, or if you like, make it more specific. You can imagine the specific words if it helps you, or you can just feel. Ask for forgiveness and also forgive the soul for its inner fields of learning.

Imagine in as much detail as you can how you exchange with this soul. If you wish, the other souls can hear and feel it, or it can remain just between the two of you. But the other souls are always there with their astral energy consciousness. They help with the forgiveness.

In the second phase we are grateful for this soul. Give thanks for the light in this soul. Cherish it. Take time. Listen. Feel into it.

Gratitude is guaranteed to always lead to an opening of the heart chakra. Try it out in the light circles with the other souls and of course also for yourself. Yes, you can be grateful to yourself. Thank you that you exist! is also a wonderful self-love mantra. In the light circle meditation you think and feel it for the soul in the middle.

In the last phase, imagine the soul bathed and filled in love and light. The souls of the light circle family act together like a strong magnet and attract powerful astral energies.

Therefore, be aware of your inner shadow parts when they come up in between. Note them down internally for later processing and stay with the love and the light. This is so strong in the commonality of a circle of light that you yourself can feel bathed and filled by all of them if you want to engage in this experience.

Whenever the souls of a light circle agree with each other, perhaps for the sake of habit always at the same time, the next time the next soul sits or lies in the middle. Everyone takes their turn, then we start again from the beginning.

Most of us are in several circles of light, usually five to eight souls each. We have many such circles, like the honeycomb structure of bees we are naturally telepathically interwoven and connected.

Those who have discovered the special group consciousness power of a circle of light for themselves usually soon organise one or two more, so beneficial and enriching are they often experienced.

There are different energies in each light circle family. Let us feel our way into it and follow our intuition, in which circles we fit well, which ones bring us further on our path of inner growth and inner healing. And in which circles we can be supportive for the others with our personal astral colour pattern.

We are all connected, light circle family by light circle family. A very wonderful feeling!

Pssst! Light circle family meditations are always free meditations. We don’t do business in our families. If a soul needs something, we sometimes trade where it fits.

In the centre of the light circle

We are family. In the circles of light, everyone takes their turn. Several times and again. The chosen soul, which all the others imagine in the middle, can sit down or lie down, just as they feel. The main thing is to accept, to allow, to let go.

At the same time, it is also about creative dissolving, balancing, connecting and transforming (air, water, earth, fire), and this in three successive phases. Being in the centre is not a passive process, it is perhaps the most active of all, depending on how well we can tune into the collective astral light circle energies.

The good thing is: we don’t necessarily need to follow a fixed pattern. We can also simply feel. Let go and feel. Nothing else. This is also an active process.

Images emerge within, let us observe them, let us learn from them, but let us stay in our awareness with ourselves and not with a longer distracting story of a dream emerging.

Let’s always listen carefully. What reactive energies do we feel in the inner images we see? Is there perhaps something rebelling within us? Is something in us going into opposition?

A brief feeling into it is enough, we don’t want to sink.

Recognising, accepting and letting go is important in every step of inner healing.

Accept and let go.


When tears come, we let them flow.

Accept and let go and feel.

The three phases of the light circle meditation for the recipient

Those who would like to tie in a little more with the three thematic areas of the previously described process can tune in as follows:

In the first phase we forgive ourselves.

If we always want to be honest with ourselves, it is not always so easy, but the astral group consciousness energy, which is also focused on forgiveness, will support us.

Let us apologise to ourselves for our mistakes and areas of growth. Either in detail or in general. This requires more intuitive heart activity than categorical thinking through: accepting and letting go and feeling.

When shadow parts appear in our inner images, we use the powers of the four elements with the help of our imagination: We can dissolve these images (air), we can harmonise and balance them (water), ground them and connect them with other images (earth) or transform them into something new (fire), just as we feel it is good and right. We always follow our creative-intuitive impulses of truth. We ask for forgiveness, we forgive ourselves.

In the second phase of the light circle meditation we are grateful to ourselves. Just like that. For being.

This, too, can either be lived through and experienced in detail and in many ways, especially if inner images arise for this. Or we can simply remain in the calm of general gratitude for our being.

In the last phase we are in the middle of the imagined light circle and receive love and light.

Everyone imagines this the way it feels right and good. Whether under a shady tree from the imagination on a beautiful astral meadow, on a fairytale fairy beach or in the middle of your own living room: build your inner images in the way that suits you best.

The other souls of the light circle are there with you. They send you love and light. Can you open yourself? Accept and let go and feel….

Astral touches

If the souls of the light circle know each other well and there is mutual trust, the other light circle souls can, after prior consultation, place an imagined hand on or at some distance above a certain part of the body or one of the chakras.

Just as they intuitively feel it to be right. Feel into it, what is appropriate, what feels helpful and resolving, balancing, connecting or transforming?

Encounter in the Now

We are family. Consciousness vibrates in a dimensional frequency in which space and time do not exist. That is why souls who are already well connected can also come together at different times for a light circle meditation. They then meet in the perpetual present time.

What we actively imagine, that is what our ray of consciousness sends out, that is what happens in every moment of our life. Let us focus inwardly on our circle of light and connect with the hearts of the other souls. We are connected. In every place. At any time in the Now.

Those who are lovingly connected with a light circle family help themselves and the others in a constant higher conscious collective exchange. This happens by itself, simply through one’s own awareness in the present time.

Guest souls in the light circle

We are family. In our common light circles we sometimes invite other souls as guests into our midst. Usually it is arranged with the soul in question beforehand. If this is not possible, we ask the Higher Soul Self for permission. With loving intention, we offer it an astral healing place in our midst and open ourselves to the soul’s inwardly felt response.

If with the invited soul it feels right and good for all the souls of the light circle, our imagined course of the circle of light ceremony proceeds as usual:

First phase:

Ask for forgiveness and also forgive the soul its inner learning fields.

Second phase:

Give thanks for the light in this soul. Cherish it. Take your time. Listen. Feel into it.

Third phase:

Imagine the soul bathed and filled in love and light.

The souls of the circle of light act together like a strong magnet and attract powerful astral energies.

We know that love and light together in the group consciousness of our light circle families becomes a powerful dissolver, equaliser, connector and transformer. This corresponds to the four elements air, water, earth, fire.

Love and light purifies, balances, connects or transforms all astral impurities and blockages of the souls, as far as it is possible with our common consciousness power. Some teachings want to be experienced by the soul itself and cannot be transformed. Others dissolve as it is right and good and in harmony with the Higher Self of the guest soul.

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