The beneficial bacteria in uns

There are significantly more bacteria and other microorganisms in our body than we have cells.

Because of their small size, bacteria weigh less than body cells, but in total we carry around two kilograms of bacteria with us, as much as a baby born prematurely.

Without these bacteria, we couldn’t survive. And yet we don’t care much about good cooperation or understanding with them at all.

We perceive our consciousness and our body as a team. But our body also consists of very, very many bacteria and other microorganisms.

We are interdependent, we sit in the same boat that we call body.

We are a system.

Beneficial and harmful bacteria

Mostly beneficial bacteria live in a healthy person. Many of them generate important metabolic products for us and keep our immune system stable.

Hopefully researchers will soon find out which bad diseases of humanity would benefit from a complete exchange of the intestinal flora, i.e. an exchange of all living things there, so that the body would heal itself afterwards with healthy eating alone.

Our body works well when our bacteria and microorganisms have it good inside of us.

After I became abstinent from sugar, I noticed the change. I felt inside that the earlier carbohydrate and sugar-hungry bacteria acted much more aggressively in me than the new cozy vegetable-obsessed bacteria …

The sugar lovers are the bullies, so to speak, who always want to be in the front row and push the vegetable-loving bacteria around.

After getting rid of my sweet tooth, I no longer know any cravings for something.

And yes, I want my current bacteria and microorganisms to feel good in me. They are my friends.

We get along well and we have some kind of agreement. They don’t bother me with any drug-like cravings for sugar and other junk every few hours. And I take care of them especially well. I feed them well, with healthy, fresh food instead of cheaply produced industrial products.

We are a team!

In order to really love ourselves, we also have to take good care of our existing bacteria and microorganisms who live in and with us.

I am just wondering if enough people in the world are actually researching how our smallest flatmates are doing when, for example, they almost only eat vegetables treated with pesticides?

How do our bacteria and other microorganisms actually react to ongoing fear and scaremongering through media?

Or may our bacterial strains get too much stress if they stay in a 5G mobile network for too long? And how do they react to it?

Do they then die faster or do they produce aggressive pollutants in us? Or do they replicate in an uncontrolled manner, causing damage to the body?

How does our immune system react to this, which is dependent on a harmonious coexistence with our beneficial bacteria?

Unfortunately, new technologies are only ever tested on body cells, i.e. on the physical mass of humans. And not on our bacteria, on our roommates, without whom we would not survive.

It would be nice if we could just ask them directly, how do they cope with Monsanto, 5G radiation or the current permanent alarmism in the media, whether they find it all quite harmless?

And what about love?

And how do the bacteria and microorganisms actually react to heart-felt feelings of harmony, joy and love?

And how are they doing after we have practiced Healer & Creator?


Oh yes?

Then maybe we should be a little more considerate of the smallest and weakest.

We are a cooperation.

We cannot do without them and they cannot do without us.

WE have to find an agreement with each other.

My call: Please take good care of yourself!

Let’s raise our own inner vibration.

Let’s eat healthy and nutritious.

Let’s hold each other in our arms.

Let’s give ourselves love.

Let’s open up.

We are healers and creators.

We can get our ancient knowledge back, step by step.


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