What is Healer & Creator?

To describe Healer & Creator simply as an energetic healing technique would be an understatement. But what is it exactly? For a long time I found it very difficult to put it into words. Below you will find my current perspective.

Healer & Creator is a fusion of energetic healing technology, yoga and magic

In the following I describe in detail what I mean by that.
Reading time for all three parts = approx. 16 minutes.

  1. Healer & Creator as an exercise for inner healing and energetic distance healing
  2. Healer & Creator as a yoga exercise and to achieve samadhi?
  3. Healer & Creator as a magical technique (and as a missing part of “The Secret”)

1. Healer & Creator as an exercise for inner healing and energetic distance healing

We all carry mental and spiritual ballast with us. For some, these are memories of the past, others are more afraid of the future than it is good for them.

Physical diseases also have an impact on our psyche and well-being – and of course the other way around.

With Healer & Creator you always work directly on the energetic basis of the problems. With the help of the various applications, you can also provide subtle healing energies to interpersonal conflicts, stress-producing images or even bad habits, which can contribute to a new inner and outer balance and thus to healing.

When you breathe in, you cleanse and energize your chakras

When practicing Healer & Creator, both with the basic exercise and with the Next Level expansion, with each inhalation you guide a strong surge of Universal Life Energy from bottom to top through each of your chakras, which literally “flushes” out old emotional and energetic blockages.

The powerful burst of energy energizes your chakras. At the same time, it harmonises them so that the two energetic-electric male and female poles of each of your chakras can find a new stable and healthy balance.

The more intensively you practice Healer & Creator, the more permeable and powerful your chakras become for future subtle energies, which you can pump through them hopefully as regularly as possible with the help of the Energy Flow Exercise!

Let go when exhaling

Inner healing often has something to do with letting go and accepting, and this is exactly what you can focus on in the H&C Energy Flow Exercise, especially when exhaling and integrating the energies.

Exhale, let go and heal.

Exhale, accept and heal.

Exhale, integrate and heal.

Once you’ve experienced how powerful this feels, you don’t want to do without it in your everyday life.

Healer & Creator as an imagination technique

Some H&C applications use our powers of imagination to fill us with new, inner qualities or to initiate positive changes deep inside.

Similar imagination techniques are also used very successfully in clinical hypnosis, and also imaginary journeys that can often be experienced as very healing, in coaching with NLP or, of course, in yoga (see below: Healer & Creator as a yoga exercise and to achieve samadhi?).

Taking responsibility again

By using Healer & Creator specifically for an illness or problem, we also show ourselves internally that we take responsibility for our lives (see below: Healer & Creator as a magical technique (and as a missing part of “The Secret”) ,

Through years of training, many people are unfortunately used to giving up responsibility, be it to the medical community, the government or their own life partner.

Healer & Creator gives you a tool with which you can have an active energetic influence on yourself and your world.

If you take control of your health and of the best possible development path for yourself, then (again by training!) you will become more and more sensitive over the years in order to always know which next steps “feel right” for you.

How does energetic remote healing work?

Or: What happens after you create your energy spheres with Healer & Creator and send them out to the imagined image of your intention? Because that’s exactly what you do with the H&C application for direct and indirect remote healing.

Remote energetic healing “works” because we are not separate from one another, as one may think.

Everyone has their own physical and energetic body, but “in between” is the huge sea of energy and consciousness in which we all swim and which connects us.

Every energy that we send out has a direct impact in the surrounding energy field. Every thought, every feeling, every idea – whether positive (healing) or negative (destructive).

When you send out H&C Energy Spheres for healing, these “energetic clouds of consciousness” unfold their programmed active energies in the chaotically structured field of consciousness that predominates around the disease or problem.

From then on, the energetic and spiritual balancing of the various possibilities takes place automatically. This is no longer in the hands of the Healer & Creator practitioner, provided the practitioner does not send more energy spheres to the same place or influence a situation or illness in another way.

Ultimately, whether you want to adopt these explanations of Healer & Creator‘s energetic effectiveness for you as truth or not, you can (and should!) try out for yourself, whether you can use this exercise to heal yourself and others internally, which is the basic prerequisite for good health.

2. Healer & Creator as a yoga exercise and to achieve samadhi?

The goal on the path of yoga is what this word translates correctly: unity.

The Indian scholar Patanjali described with his yoga sutras, the guide for yoga, an eightfold path to the goal, samadhi, that is, the unity with everything that is.

Yama and niyama

The first two yoga sutras (yama and niyama) are recommendations for a spiritual way of life and for the ethical handling of oneself and others. In other religions and world philosophies we find them as sacred commandments, for example.

Yama and niyama prepare the foundation of a spiritual development towards samadhi. You cannot come to terms with your inner self if you do bad things to others (or yourself) at the same time.

Also the topic of moderation arises with the yamas. The many diverse interpretations of this sutra are as different as people, especially with regard to the waste or healing use of sexual energies. I invite advanced users of Healer & Creator to take a look at the Next Level expansion and to try it out for themselves.


The asana sutra is about a “firm and pleasant (light) posture”. In the basic version of Healer & Creator, you stand or sit with a straight back in a relaxed position.

With the expansion H&C: Next Level, the practitioner gets to know the internal variant of Healer & Creator, which can be practiced anytime and anywhere in everyday life. In these moments it doesn’t matter how we sit, stand or walk. But when you practice the exercise, you are instantly rewarded with a clear awareness of your posture.

If after two or three calm breaths you then notice that the posture no longer matches the pleasant ecstatic sensations you are experiencing, you will of course endeavor to achieve a better asana in order to allow the energies to circulate better internally.


In this yoga sutra, Patanjali explains how the mind is focused and aligned through pranayama.

One can translate pranayama on a physical level with the mastery of the breath, but at the same time it is also about the control of subtle energies (prana or qi).

Healer & Creator is practiced with a particularly slow and calm way of breathing, which according to studies has a very good effect on your own physical and mental health. As I described in my book Blissful Ecstasy:

From a physical point of view, practicing pranayama exercises with such fine, very slow breathing leads to an almost turbulence-free air flow in the bronchi and airways. According to the study, this optimizes the biochemical gas exchange processes of the lungs.

Further medical studies showed: regular, slow pranayama breathing leads to many very positive effects, such as reduced oxygen demand, lower pulse and blood pressure, as well as effects on skin conductance, increased amplitudes of theta waves in the EEG and increased activity of the parasympathetic nervous system.

In addition, practicing pranayama creates a feeling of alertness and energization.

So, what could be more obvious than practicing Healer & Creator (especially the internal variant as explained in the Next Level expansion) anywhere and at any time.

Whether you use it as a meditative island in stressful everyday life or to bridge otherwise uninspired waiting times: With Healer & Creator you know a powerful pranayama exercise that will help you on your way to yourself at any time if you wish.

But pranayama also means gaining control over one’s own sexual energies and circulating them internally. You can experience this particularly powerful expansion of your energetic potential with Healer & Creator: Next Level.

Anyone who blushes red on this topic and sees sexuality as something “dirty” can of course practice Next Level without these components.

However, if the awakening of your powerful Kundalini energies is your goal, then sooner or later you will also have to deal with your own sexual energies.


Pratyahara describes the fading out of external influences, such as sensory impressions. With the determination of the mind to direct the concentration from the outer world into the inner world, this can happen quite involuntarily and as if by itself.

If we practice pratyahara while practicing Healer & Creator, we can better focus our attention on the inner perceptions of subtle energies.


Dharana describes how to use willpower to influence one’s attention and to achieve a deep state of concentration and focus.

Both with the (physically executed) H&C Energy Flow and Energy Sphere Exercise we practice purselves in dharana.

The better we can concentrate while practicing, the more intensely we perceive the energetic sensations of the subtle energies. Our efforts to maintain a high level of concentration are immediately “rewarded” internally when practicing Healer & Creator, which in turn can lead to the further expansion of our spiritual practice.


Dhyana means “meditation”. In Pali, jhana means “glow” and “burning”. Both languages probably contain part of the truth: the inner burning while deeply resting within oneself.

Vivekananda explains dhyana as: “When the mind has been trained to remain fixed on a certain internal or external location, there comes to it the power of flowing in an unbroken current, as it were, towards that point.”

Patanjali teaches us that our own human consciousness, with the appropriate intention, will at some point automatically reach out for unity with the energies felt.

Dhyana can be experienced with the H&C Energy Flow Exercise when you become completely one with your breath and the associated upward and downward internal energy flows.

In deep and absolutely timeless inner immersion one can then observe how one’s own consciousness connects more and more with the larger energetic cosmos.


Samadhi is the multidimensional experience of complete unity with Everything That Is. Such a deep spiritual experience is described in practically all religions and philosophies.

Samadhi is the liberation of everything that previously wanted to keep us small, the full awakening of the Higher Self and the simultaneous experience of being one with the Cosmic Consciousness.

Those who experienced it would do anything to experience it again and again. When they are in need of expressing in words, they often describe this highly intense experience as “blissful ecstasy”.

It is no coincidence that I also use these words in the book title for Healer & Creator: Next Level.

Time will tell whether the goal of yoga, samadhi or complete oneness with Everything That Is can be achieved with Healer & Creator. Personally, I am firmly convinced that it is possible.

3. Healer & Creator as a magical technique (and as a missing part of “The Secret”)

“Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will”

(Dion Fortune)

Everyone is a magician. Because we easily forget that every activity in our life is a magical act.

I find it magical to have the thought of picking up a pencil in front of my eyes, and a moment later this automatically starts an energy flow with which I can execute my will. Without further thought, my fingers move in perfect elegance to take the pen in hand.

Why is it magical? Because it’s quite difficult to program a robotic arm for this simple-looking task.

With “magic” we generally describe complex energetic processes within this physical world, which in the end we will probably never fully grasp with our wonderful, but unfortunately somewhat limited brain.

But we don’t even have to understand how certain things happen in detail. In order to be magical, a clear intention, combined with the concentrated control of our energies, is sufficient.

Equipped with these two resources, we can take a pen, or for example we can attract the love of our lives, or change anything else in the direction of which we want to develop us or the world around us.

Practical ceremonial magic

Although I had a good hypnosis education, for a long time I thought of ceremonial magic (at least in this life) as a humbug.

You know, this kind of candlelight ritual, in which you draw a circle on the floor with a holy sword in your hand in order to then summon foreign spirits into this magical circle and conjure them with all sorts of difficult to pronounce formulas.

But what exactly does a magician do in such a ritual? The fixed process and the pre-formulated words help him to direct his energies and the magnetic forces of his heart field on the intention of the ritual with full concentration.

Especially, if you are a more haptic person, a magic ritual can help you to feel and guide your subtle energies in a focused manner.

Rituals can also be greatly simplified. The basic idea of an energetic circle can also be formed around you with outstretched hands. And that’s exactly what we do with the H&C Energy Flow Exercise.

In the numerous H&C applications we also “program” this imagined circle with a certain energy or quality.

So here too, we follow a magical ritual, mostly with our imagination. In the basic exercise of Healer & Creator, the imagination is also supported by the movements of our arms and hands.

You create what you direct your consciousness to

If we know that you can perceive this world from both a physical and an energetic perspective, then it seems obvious why we should better focus on motivating and inspiring people, things and experiences in our lives instead of on the opposite: anger, burden, problems, stress factors and stressful issues.

Some understand this logically – and still let themselves be distracted and negatively influenced from the black magic television box every evening.

Sometimes readers of my free book write to me that they unfortunately do not have time to practice Healer & Creator regularly…

When I ask how much time they spend each week on certain habits, many realize that it often only requires an inner decision as to whether we want to reserve part of our lifetime for our spiritual and magical practice or not.

And Healer & Creator: Next Level can even be practiced anytime, anywhere, as long as we don’t have to concentrate entirely on another activity. So there are no excuses for not having enough time!

Anyone who has will be given

For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

(Matthew 25:29)

The nice thing is, as soon as you shift your consciousness in a direction that feels good and right deep down inside, your life will develop positively step by step in a seemingly magical way.

Our Higher Self knows very well that this shift in attention to (self-) healing and (self-) love actually works and then wonderful things seem to happen in our lives almost automatically.

Since everything is connected to everything, our very personal universe reacts very sensitively to the energies that we send out with our consciousness and our intention.

As soon as we become more aware of the many magical moments in our lives, when we go with the inner flow, support things helpfully and develop in a way that our inner voice can really be happy, we are actively practicing magic.

Usually positive and loving people are much more in tune with their natural inner and outer development. It seems almost self-evident to them that they can easily pull into their lives everything they need to actually live and experience their positive visions.

Instead, those who concentrate their thoughts mainly on the negative, the terrible and the fearful have less energies for a positive vision of their own personal future.

Basically, these people practice some form of black magic, because they are constantly sending new energies in the direction of negatively colored ideas – until they finally learn that it is simply not worthwhile to add more energies than absolutely necessary to the negative fields of consciousness that keep demanding their attention.

In which direction do you allow your life to develop?

Please do yourself a favor and consider the direction in which you want to develop in your very personal future.

Imagine a better version of yourself. Follow these thoughts and feelings. Build the life in your head and in your heart as you want to experience it.

In some additional applications from Healer & Creator we do exactly that and then direct our circulating subtle energies into positive imaginations that are felt as intensely as possible. In this way we actively provide these “living thought forms” with energy so that they can grow and become stronger.

And then suddenly things happen in our life that we couldn’t have imagined before.

When we become one with our imaginary experience and start to experience it more and more in our lives, we naturally draw more and more helpful pieces of the puzzle into our lives that enable us to realize these ideas step by step.

A little help is allowed

Perhaps you know it from fantasy adventure games on the computer or from your own life: if you need more wood, you sometimes have to cut down a few trees.

By that, I mean the best magical preparation and twenty-five rounds of the H&C Energy Flow Exercise are sometimes still too little to achieve your goals.

Your magical-energetic work is an encounter between human consciousness called “David” and the greater consciousness around you called “Goliath”. (And I think the well-known biblical story wants to tell us exactly this truth.)

Your human consciousness is negligibly small compared to the consciousness around you. But you (hopefully?) have learned the gift of concentration, and with this your energetic influence is very targeted and direct. The much greater awareness of your world is structured chaotically in many areas.

That is why your magical work (whether unconsciously through your emitted thoughts and feelings or consciously while practicing Healer & Creator) has a major influence on your world.

But even the most distant goal can always be reached with the first step. In your life, which you call “real”, move in the direction of your intention.

Pay attention to the signals, the small signs and wonders that sometimes make us stumble and pause.

In addition, use as many of the opportunities and possibilities that appear directly before your eyes as you can and want. Perhaps you created these life situations for yourself with your magical practice of Healer & Creator?

Follow your inner call

If you follow the voice of your Higher Self, this almost always results in a particularly rapid personal development in the best direction for you.

However, if you oppose this natural development, then your life cannot develop positively. Sometimes there is still a fear of letting go of the past.

Please give your Higher Self the chance to steer your life in ever better and finer ways.

Follow the call of your inner voice to become the best version of yourself.

If your goals are in line with your Higher Self, you will soon notice how things in your life suddenly seem to automatically move in the direction you want them to be.

Your life will be magical and wonderful.

Learn Healer & Creator for free!

My biggest wish is that as many people as possible can get to know this wonderful energy and healing technique and try it out for themselves.

For this reason you can download my ebook You are Healer and Creator: Experience Energetic Healing and Energy Work for free. The complete basic technique is described in the book (which is also available in printed form). After reading, you can start immediately with your energetic magical healing work!