Why Initiations in Healing and Energy Techniques?

Many healing and energy techniques are still passed on directly from teacher to student. At the end of the course, there is often a spiritual initiation in which the student is blessed. From now on he or she is ready to use this new healing and energy technique in his life.

This gives the teachers some control over who can learn and apply this healing and energy technique. And to the students, an initiation gives the feeling that now they could actually heal.

From earlier centuries we were used to the clergy telling us what we need to do to get to heaven. And of course, the practice of any kind of healing was only allowed to specially trained people.

All the other people who were able to heal were called charlatans and, worse, witches or heretics – and then, of course, had to face the consequences, in the worst case death!

From this background, which we all have well stored in our collective subconscious, many people still believe that they can not heal, and that energetic healing is only something for very special chosen people.

As the student gains initiation into a healing technique, perhaps with the blessing hands of the teacher on his head, it may help the student to accept his healing abilities in a better way.

Today we know that every person has the same wonderful healing powers. To send healing energy to ourselves or to other humans and living beings we only need:

  • the right healing and energy technique,
  • the firm belief that we can heal,
  • a clear intention of what we want to achieve,
  • a loving and accepting attitude, and
  • regular practice.

The Healer and Creator technique was developed to give you all these skills and beliefs. In my free ebook I show you this wonderful healing and energy technique.

In addition, I’ll show you how to practice the technique with the right inner attitude and how to use your imagination purposefully.

The inner conviction that you can really heal, you either bring with you already or it comes through the practice and application and the visibility of the first changes in your life.

If, after one or two weeks of regular practice of the H&C technique, you still do not feel that you have special healing powers, then I offer you a personal remote initiation.

At a pre-arranged date, I will personally send you healing energy using the Healer and Creator technique to purify, strengthen and harmonize your energy field. In addition, I send the intention that from now on you will be able to perceive and accept your wonderful healing powers.

A remote initiation can be just as powerful as exchanging energy in a direct encounter, because in the quantum field, everything is connected with everything.

If you are interested in this remote initiation, please write me an E-Mail!

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