A Cleansing Cure for your Facebook Homepage

“I’ve recently withdrawn from Facebook, because all the bad news is not good for me.” I am pretty sure you heard or read this before. In this blog post, I’d like to show you how you can trim Facebook to just show you what’s really good for you.

Mass media or alternative media: Inspiration looks different!

Many people sooner or later turn away from the mass media because they can no longer trust their news and they recognize the underlying propaganda of the large corporate industries (weapons, pharmaceuticals, food, …).

From the bottom of their hearts, they want a more humane lifestyle with completely different ethical values than could be provided by our corporate-friendly financial system: compassion instead of exclusion, cooperation instead of hate, sustainable use of resources instead of disposable consumption, natural healing instead of chemical symptom control.

Some then end up with the so-called “alternative media” and consume from now on a different perspective of the daily news – either directly on the respective websites or via certain Facebook groups, in which such contributions are published and shared.

From many years of personal experience, I now understand it: Although alternative news offer a significantly different perspective on the events in this world, but almost always it is still bad news.

Bad news create bad feelings: sadness, anger, anger, disbelief, helplessness, … And bad feelings rob our energy and our inspiration – which we desperately need if we want to develop ourselves (and the world around us).

If you are constantly being pulled down by negative news, you can never live up to your highest potential.

Your Facebook homepage as a mirror of your interests

In most cases, our personal Facebook homepage reflects pretty much what we like to deal with. After all, the technology of Facebook was precisely tailored to that. Because if you are shown above all what you want to see, you also spend more time with this medium – and can accordingly consume more advertising (which is ultimately the goal of Facebook).

The question is, do you really want to be “informed” every day about a supposedly muslimization of the society, pathogenic chemtrails, health problems caused by 5G or other anxious topics?

Negative news can have a very strong addictive effect on us. By constantly consuming, we gradually forget which topics we would rather deal with.

That’s why our Facebook cleansing cure starts with these questions:

  • What do you want to improve in your personal life or in your immediate environment?
  • What information, inspiration or personal contacts do you need for this?

Some wish to strengthen their self-love and thus their self-esteem. Others would like to express their own inner processes in creative art. Still others seek alternative healing methods to help themselves or other people better.

In addition, most of us want to hear every now and then, what’s on the mind of our friends and family.

How to customize your Facebook homepage

With our goals we can now venture on our personal Facebook homepage in the next step. Look at the first 3-5 posts there. What are you seeing?

Does it inspire you? Does it take you further? Does it fill you with joy, or does it warm up your heart? Or does it pull you down because it puts you in a lousy mood?

Decide if you want to see more of these Facebook posts in the future. If your answer is: YES … then click “Like” or (even more effective) write a comment below these posts.

In the next few days, Facebook will show you more such posts, for example, from the same (or similar) Facebook groups, pages, or similarly tuned Facebook friends.

If your answer is NO, then better resist the urge to respond to this post. Do not click “Like” or the emoticons for “sad” or “angry”. And do not write a comment. Unless you want more of these and similar posts.

For the Facebook algorhythm it does not matter, for whatever reason you write a comment or which emoticon you choose. It’s just programmed to show you more of those posts that you’re most likely to interact with.

Another way to purify your Facebook homepage is by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of each post. Depending on whether the contribution was published by a page or a person, you then have the choice between:

  • “Hide Post – Show less posts like this one”
  • “Put SENDERNAME 30 days on Snooze – temporarily not show posts”
  • “Hide everything from PAGE NAME – Do not show posts from this page”
  • “Do not subscribe to SENDER anymore – do not show posts, but stay friends”

If you review the posts on your home page regularly using these menu items, you’ll soon be able to see a completely different selection.

There are not enough inspirational contributions here? Then make a conscious decision to see which Facebook groups or Facebook pages you could follow to see more of what can help you.

In the same context, you may want to leave some groups that have so far given you nothing but pain and miserable moods.

Decide yourself, to what extent you want to see only positive and inspirational posts and messages on Facebook, or if you maybe need a few negative messages for a balanced spice (in small doses they can sometimes help you to look for a change).

According to Positive Psychology, constructive life and work needs at least a 3:1 ratio of positive feelings to negative feelings. The best is even 5:1 or 6:1. The smaller amount of negative impressions help us to review our course and to readjust it.

How many positive and negative messages do you want to see every day? It’s a good idea to make your own decision and then consciously use Facebook’s algorithm for your own personal ideas. Do not give the responsibility for your daily flood of information to a large corporation!

Or: Ignore the start page…

If it’s too much work for you to train your Facebook homepage entirely on your personal wishes, then try a completely different method: just completely ignore your personal Facebook homepage.

Instead, make it a habit to consistently head for the groups and pages that will give you the most inspiration and help for your life. Go straight to the pages of your friends. Interact here, too, only with such postings that personally help you.

In the future, use the “Notifications” icon in the upper right corner of the Facebook menu bar to follow the conversations that are important to you. On most days this is also my own personal way of dealing with Facebook. Because the conscious use of our lifetime is probably the most important asset in life …


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