Let’s Heal our Chakras: 4. Heart Chakra

Position: in the middle of the chest – it radiates to the sternum and up to the neck.
Colour: Green
Name in Sanskrit: Anahata (“unhurt”)
Topics: Self-love, unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, beauty, joy, inner peace, giving and taking, relationships, integration, connectedness
Negative Topics: Co-dependency, jealousy, envy, lack of compassion, intolerance, loneliness, shyness, bitterness

The name of the heart chakra in Sanskrit (Anahata = “unharmed”) shows us its meaning: It is this deep inner place in us, where past experiences and grievances can not harm us. A place where we can experience perfect inner peace with ourselves and with the world.

With a balanced and open heart chakra, you can naturally feel love and compassion for yourself as well as other people, understanding that we do not need to change anyone, but that we can love them the way they are.

Do you often feel connected to everything that surrounds you? Can you see and feel the inner beauty in all things? Do you have a balanced and healthy relationship with your partner or other people close to you? These are clear signs of a balanced fourth chakra.

The heart chakra is also the bridge between our wordly and spiritual powers, between the lower and upper chakras. With this chakra, we can harmoniously integrate the energies of the lower chakras and use them for higher aspirations.

When your heart chakra is overactive

A heart too big? Is that possible? For many people it can actually become a problem. For example, those who do not feel their personal limits, who always give priority for the needs and desires of other people and do not consider themselves important enough, have not yet mastered the difficult balancing act between self-love and love for others.

These people (who prefer to work in helping professions: as a nurse, caregiver, etc.) can quickly fall into a victim’s role. They are particularly prone to burnout, depression, or they are constantly depleted of energy because they provide most of their energy to others and are not caring enough for themselves.

You can help other people even better if you can accept and love yourself unconditionally. If you make sure that you are really well, then you automatically have enough love and energy for others. Lack of self-love can also be an issue if you put too high demands on other people, especially your partner or family members.

Physically, an overactive heart chakra may also be noticeable as a rapid palpitation or heartburn.

Is your heart chakra closed?

Sometimes life can wear us out quite a bit: Through emotional trauma, disappointments or unprocessed separations from former partners, we close our heart (chakra). We hide ourselves away and build high walls around us. This is a normal protective reaction to the adversities of life. After all, we do not want to be further injured and seek a supposed emotional security with our withdrawal.

For a short time, this may be good and healthy for us, but in the long run, even after the worst experiences, we will eventually have to learn to reopen our heart. With a permanently closed heart chakra, our live is not only pretty miserable, we also become susceptible to heart, circulatory and lung diseases, or to problems with the thymus gland.

Some people with a closed heart chakra often experience exaggerated jealousy or are afraid of closeness and true intimacy. Others often adopt a premature defensive attitude or are constantly reliant on the consent and attention of others, and then try to please everyone.

Still others lack compassion for others, or feel isolated and lonely. For some, the closed heart expresses an exaggerated criticism of others or of oneself. Perhaps you just feel locked up and withdrawn from friendships and relationships?

How to heal your heart chakra

Being able to open your heart is a wonderful experience. And first and foremost, you should open your heart to yourself! Love yourself the way you would like to be loved by others. Do something good for yourself every day, take good care of yourself – treat yourself the way you would like to be treated by others.

A very effective way to more self-love is through gratitude. Create a gratitude diary and read my blog article “Inner Gratitude Changes Everything in your Life!“.

When you first develop your self-love, you can then pass that love on to others, without feeling drained or exploited.

If your heart chakra is closed off by too much negativity and fear (for example, because of a constant shower of negative news messages), then keep a proper distance to these influences in the next few days and weeks. Instead, look for news and influences that inspire and build you up, giving you pleasant feelings and power!

Say goodbye to the things and perspectives that are not good for you, and instead draw more of that into your life, what gives you strength and energy.

The heart chakra is assigned the color green. It is no coincidence that we find so much green in nature. That’s why a walk in the countryside can be so heartwarming and invigorating for us! Drink three glasses of Green Smoothie in the morning, choose green tea instead of coffee and find more ways to surround yourself with even more greenery in your life.

Find out what kind of beauty inspires you most in your life: in nature, in art or in other people? Surround yourself with more of it and experience that beauty from within.

Since the heart chakra is an important energetic juncture, look carefully at your three lower chakras as well: only if you can heal and harmonize them sufficiently, you will be able to open your heart chakra wide. Also read my articles on the Root Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, and the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Breathe through your heart as often as possible! You can do this, for example, while driving or queuing at the cash register.

And finally, learn and practice the wonderful healing and energy technique Healer and Creator – the basic technique I pass on to you free of charge. With this technique, you can harmonize and strengthen your energy flows daily.


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