All healing is self-healing

Most people in Western countries have grown up with the belief that you always have to go to the doctor if you have a disease. Only a doctor would be able to properly diagnose the condition, give it an ICD 10 name, and then take the right action.

In some cases, this is just right, for example, with a bone fracture. Here, a practitioner has to get started before the body can start the (self-!) cure.

But with many other illnesses, the doctor is doing exactly what? He names the disease with a technical term and then prescribes a handful of pills (whose interaction with each other is often still unknown). Many patients then believe that the drugs cure the body.

That’s pretty nonsense, of course. A drug can cause a certain body reaction due to its chemical ingredients, but that’s about all.

In most cases, medicines only fight symptoms but do not cure them. In many cases, we have to take care of the healing ourselves.

On top of that, many medications can also cause a number of unwanted chemical reactions in the body, so that we then experience more or less harmful side effects.

Our wonderful body is programmed to heal itself from any illness. This means that all we can do in case of illness is to support the body, mind and soul in the best possible way for this self-healing procedure.

On the physical level, we can do this with the right nutrients. Instead of toast and jam for breakfast, we can spoil our body cells, for example, in the morning with three glasses of healthy green smoothie. Best, of course not only when we are sick, but every morning as a prevention! Certainly, at the cellular level, there is always something to fix and cure.

Our mind also helps with the self-healing of a disease: A positive attitude, a clear intention to heal, and the firm belief that we can be healthy are all crucial factors.

And then there is our balance on a deeper soul level. Without it, any healing in the body and mind is often temporary. If we do not care enough about our inner experiences (which includes for example our self-love), we simply produce some new symptoms to signal that we are more attuned to ourselves and to our inner wellbeing.

The energy and healing technique Healer and Creator can help you a lot to achieve a healthy harmony with body, mind and soul.


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