How Does Energetic Remote Healing Work?

We are pure energy

Matter is only an illusion, although a very believable one. If we take a closer look at a tiny particle of matter with our (still limited) scientific methods, we find that there is actually nothing “solid” there – only pure energy that maintains the illusion of matter at different frequencies of vibration.

We are connected with everything

The boundaries between your body and other things around you are not as clear as our sense organs tell us. In fact, we are directly connected to everything around us.

Meanwhile, we can also measure direct and absolutely simultaneous connections over thousands of kilometers, see the research on entangled particles in quantum physics.

Of course, the ancient Indian yogis or the South American healers and shamans have been telling us this for many thousands of years. But since most of us have grown up with a scientific world view, such a quantum physical explanation is a great help for many people to believe in remote energy healing.

Because, of course, the belief or the knowledge of the possibilities of energetic distance healing is important. Otherwise, we can easily block ourselves, and all the beautiful healing energies go everywhere, just not where we want them to be. 🙂

Focus and intention

To be able to do energy healing from a distance, you basically only need a clear focus and the clear intention to make your chosen target happy with healing energies.

Energy follows our focus and our intent. You can not really say that healing energy actually moves from one place to another. Instead, we simultaneously influence the already existing energy frequencies of the person to be healed with our focus and intent.

However, for the inner picture of our intention to be as clear as possible within us, it can still help us to imagine as vividly as possible how to send healing energy from our hands over the distance to the target person.

Many healers also use a photo of the person to be healed or, for example, a crystal or other symbolic object to make this idea of the energy being transmitted to the receiving person easier to understand for themselves.

The crystal or symbolic object then becomes a placeholder for the recipient. Since it is right in front of us, this helps our brain to focus.

The clearer the intention and the focus on the healing process, the greater the energetic effects of a distant healing.

Although certain techniques can be extremely helpful in energy healing, we need not so much mystify the process of remote healing. Because even when we think of another person, there is a natural exchange of energy.

We all know that when suddenly a person calls us or gets in touch with us by other means, we might have just thought of him or her before. Probably, at that moment, we have received the thoughts of the person who wanted to call us.

What does the receiving person feel in a distant healing?

Anyone who has ever experienced remote energy healing often reports a heightened sense of inner peace or a clearly experienced harmony of their energy body. Others feel euphoric, bubbling energy!

Perhaps the healing energy is also felt through the sensation of heat or a gentle tingling in certain parts of the body.

Many people do not feel anything at all. And that does not mean that no healing energies have been received or that there has been no change in the energy frequencies in your own energy body.

Perhaps the received healing energy will be noticeable a few hours or a few days later by a new creative idea or inspiration. Maybe a mental problem or a mental block suddenly dissolves. Or maybe the person experiences accelerated (self-) healing at a diseased body site.

How long does remote energy healing take to work?

As I already described above, the “energy transfer” or the influencing of the energy frequencies happens at the same time. So we do not have to wait for the emitted energy to reach the person to be healed until sometime in the future.

Accordingly, some people already feel a significant improvement after a few hours.

However, the actual beginning of a healing process can vary greatly. Sometimes it takes also other vibration frequencies, as those sent by us.

Since every healing is a self-healing, the energy body of the person to be healed usually seeks all the necessary energies by itself. However, a remote healer can greatly accelerate the self-healing process, especially if the person to be healed is blocked in some place in the physical or energetic body.

With the Healer and Creator technique it is also possible to deliberately send a delayed energy boost. Then there is an energy sphere in the vicinity of the person to be healed that continuously releases healing energies over a certain period of time.

How to receive healing energy remotely

I always advocate that the healer seeks the consent of the person before sending out energy. If this is not possible, the healing energies can also be sent indirectly, as it were “played on the rebound”. 🙂 For this I have developed a separate technique.

If the healer and the recipient have agreed on which day the remote energy healing should take place, then it is helpful, in my opinion, if the receiver simply goes about his normal daily routine – of course with an open and accepting attitude.

To arrange an exact time for the distance healing, I would not recommend. Otherwise, the recipient may tense inwardly and not fully accept the healing energy.

Since time doesn’t exist at a higher energetic level, there is little point in sharing afterwards when exactly the remote healing has taken place.

The receiver may feel a tingling sensation in the left arm at exactly 15:43, but the remote healing may have occurred three hours earlier or even later.

It makes little or no sense to talk about whether or not the recipient has felt healing energies. Such a conversation may also make it more difficult to believe in the received energy flow, which in turn can lead to inner closure and blocking for future distant healing.

If this article has made you curious about remote energy healing, and you would like to try yourself how you can easily send healing energies to another person, then please read my free ebook “You are Healer and Creator”.


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