Corona: Your inner growth process (shadow work, self-love and collective awakening)

Feel and integrate your inner shadow parts

It has been a long time since a single topic triggered a whole range of emotions in almost every person in the world.

Corona brings many of us back to the deepest primal feelings. Our inner being is confronted with many repressed inner parts. Many are afraid, others are sad, some are angry.

During these days, carefully observe the different feelings you perceive. Feel very carefully, especially when the feelings are not so pleasant.

Then, try to accept your feelings as you perceive them. Because they are good the way they are. Even if you may not have asked for them.

Your inner shadow parts make you a full human.

If, in the next step, you can accept all of your negative feelings gratefully and with love, then the energy behind them will be released.

The shadow simply dissolves.

Old blockages are released, you feel lighter and freer.

This increases your overall energetic vibration frequency.

What is really important to you?

This crisis gives you the opportunity to see what is really important in your life.

In the past, you could easily be distracted by superficial things and activities. Now, they suddenly lose their magnetic attraction and you see what you actually want.

You can feel what is really important to you on this planet.

Of course, I can’t know what it is with you. But I believe that at the very highest level, it is always the love for which we live in this world.

We want to learn to love and experience love since we were born naked and defenseless in this world many years ago.

If we can love another person, an animal, a tree or even a crystal or stone with our hearts wide open, then we feel a warm, cozy feeling inside.

How is it with you right now, do you feel and give enough love or can you open your heart even further?

The feeling of love increases your energetic vibration frequency like no other power in the world.

Change yourself, change the world

No matter what is happening inside of you. Please take it serious. Listen to yourself carefully. Do not suppress anything. Trust yourself and what it wants to show you.

And then, think about what you can take and learn from it for your life.

Of course, you can also support these inner processes with the Healer & Creator Energy Flow Exercise. Your released energies will flow much better and you can use them again for something else.

You can use this special time to better perceive your feelings and thoughts, your beliefs and all your habits. You may want to reevaluate some of them and then gratefully reintegrate them into your life.

You may want to completely let go of some of your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and habits because you realize that they are no longer useful to you.

We are all connected because there are no fixed boundaries in the worlds of subtle energy and consciousness.

I am firmly convinced that if millions of people go through such and similar inner processes these days, then we can actually awaken as a whole.

Then we come out of this crisis with a completely new feeling of how our world should, and could, look.

In the global collective unconscious (or: moon consciousness) it is rumbling vigorously right now, and if you are a very sensitive person, you will probably perceive this quite clearly.

You can then get the impression that this chaos of feelings and thoughts would be part of you.

And yes, many of these collective thoughts and feelings are probably reflected in your own inner parts. That is the reason why it could rumble inside you, too.

Don’t let that unsettle you. Follow the process with confidence … and find your own personal way back to love and back to yourself.

You are not just changing yourself.

But also the whole world.


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