Yesterday, I was sad

I was very sad yesterday.

I felt the conscious and unconscious emotions of millions of people around the world.

Every country, every continent and also the whole earth together form a kind of collective group consciousness. And it just doesn’t look good in it. So many people feel fear or are very confused.

Confused, because they no longer know which reports to believe more: is it all just scaremongering or is it really that bad with the corona virus?

And will the virus now be followed by the big change in the world that many have wanted for many years? A new, better world of mutual respect, a new understanding of how we treat ourselves and Mother Earth? Or is this just wishful thinking?

People fear because they don’t know what is coming next. Will oneself and the loved ones be safe and sound? Will they have enough money to pay the current bills, rent, etc.? And will your family members, the nice neighbors opposite, and all your friends and acquaintances manage to make ends meet?

What will come?

I’m personally very well. The immune system of my wife and me is stronger than ever, because we eat exemplary: green smoothies, lots of fresh, colorful organic vegetables, very little carbohydrates and no sugar, except in the form of whole fruits.

A virus should try it with us! It won’t stand a chance.

We have everything we need to live, and no, we don’t need to heap toilet paper, because fortunately we have a state-of-the-art bidet toilet. I’m not afraid for us.

But I was sad for the people who are worried and for those who feel real fear.

I allowed myself to feel this sadness. I allowed the tears to roll as they wanted. I let go.

And when I went outside, I saw a beautiful rainbow over the sea.

I know that sounds terribly cheesy now …

But that’s how it was! ?

I am very grateful that I was able to feel this sadness. I accepted it. It is perfectly okay to feel emotions that we have not asked for.

But then it has to be good, too.

I know, for example, that I can’t draw lots of negative news about the virus in my head. Some count the number of deaths on Facebook every hour, unbelievable!

If you cultivate fear through Facebook or media consumption and let yourself be pulled down psychologically, one thing above all happens: The vibrational state of the energy body changes dramatically.

The aura will then no longer shine. The chakras no longer rotate so vigorously, they turn dark and close. The subtle energies no longer circulate, accumulate inside or simply dry up.

In such an energetically poor state, the immune system has little power to defend itself.

If you look at the crazy ways in which the media report about the corona virus, you have to assume that they wanted that as many people as possible be afraid and weak. But that would be a conspiracy theory and there are enough other blogs for that.

Let’s rather concentrate on how you can keep the vibrational state of your energy body as high as possible!

Love helps. Really now! If you’re with your life partner or family, you’re in luck. You will probably find it easier to feel and give love.

When you are alone, you can use the time to love yourself more. I developed a simple exercise for this, which I described in another blog article.

It also helps if you listen to music that builds you up. Music is closely linked to our feelings and can change the mood instantly.

If you don’t feel like listening to happy music, then look for something soothing first. How about some peaceful piano music? For example, you can find great titles on Soundcloud. Or listen to the Whisperings internet radio.

If you feel more balanced, you can still listen to happy music afterwards.

It is important that you take good care of yourself (especially nutritionally) and that you are emotionally good. Then you are in top shape and need to worry about the virus significantly less.

And if you are troubled by other worries, then these can also be better processed and perhaps even resolved from a higher vibrating state.

Please take good care of yourself. You don’t need a TV for this.

Feel what you really need.

Feel what is particularly important to you in your life.

Let your feelings out, because you can’t have energetic blockages.

And then, focus on what is really important to you.


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