Create miracles and let healing happen

It is said that faith moves mountains. “The Secret”, the “Wishes for the Universe” and various other creation techniques are based on this principle.

And we all know the healing effects of the placebo effect, which many doctors like to smile at. Some people may have also heard of the so-called nocebo effect: if the belief that something will make you sick actually makes you sick.

What is behind these miraculous powers?

The short answer is: your heart! Or more specifically, the magnetic field of your heart. This is so strong, that our scientists can now even measure it over long distances. There is no other magnetic field in us that has such a strong force.

The magnetic force of our heart field is even able to change the subatomic matter.

And since we are inextricably linked to Everything That Is, we trigger many unnoticed changes in our surroundings with the conscious or unconscious alignment of our heart field in our daily life.

This works in both directions: As long as we focus more on foul and evil in life (for example, by looking at negative news messages and scenes of violence every day in the black magic flickering box), we will automatically draw more foul and evil into our lives!

Instead, however, we can also learn to develop our inner healing and creation powers, for example with Healer & Creator. With the easy-to-learn H&C Energy Flow Exercise, we let our subtle energies circulate, clean and strengthen our chakras and our energy bodies, thereby automatically increasing the magnetic radiance of our heart field!

That is why the additional H&C applications work so well: We align our intention to the desired goal while breathing in and out. And because Healer & Creator triggers a direct and very soothing experience, it is also particularly easy for us to be able to really believe in the achievement of our goal or in the desired healing.

Because faith (not in the head, but in the heart!) is essential, so that our heart field can align with the target and have a magnetic effect.

This can also explain magical (healing) rituals

In another article I wrote about the healing power of rituals, especially using the concrete example of a gratitude bowl to let go, to answer wishes and questions. I give specific instructions on how you can perform a magical ritual with just a simple bowl. But in the end I write:

As always, my words should only be understood as suggestions. Perhaps you intuitively have a completely different picture of how you want to do these rituals of letting go, wishing and asking. The most important thing is that you can feel as deeply as possible on the inside, everything else is always just symbolism and external reflection.

And how do we feel? Not with the head, but with the heart. So, if you visualize your goal in front of your eyes and can firmly believe in it with your heart, you will instantly change your environment, and quite concrete with the magnetic field of your heart!

Maybe you’ve heard of the butterfly effect. This is a term from chaos research that came to light with a provocative question: “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?”

The short answer of the chaos scientists: In the chaotic system of the universe, every little influence can have a completely unplanned and seemingly random effect of change.

And so your little (healing) ritual held in the living room at home or in the lonely forest has an effect, provided you can focus your heart field on the intention, your wish.

That is why you can perform such rituals completely without external instructions and purely intuitively, with objects and actions whose power deep in your heart you can believe in.

You truly are a Healer and Creator!


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