A “nightmare” with a deep inner message

I woke up sweating from my nightmare. I knew immediately that this was a very special dream with a very special message.

I thanked myself inwardly, because I felt: this dream came directly from my Higher Self. And it had to be so terrifying and threatening that I would wake up from it. This was the only way to guarantee that I would not forget the details immediately.

It started out harmlessly

My (interestingly not our) car had to go to the garage, something was wrong. The damage was repaired, but during the repair the technicians found a few more problems, which they were also able to fix after a short consultation.

Accordingly, the bill was higher than expected. I did not understand some of the items listed and therefore asked in the office.

I was supposed to pay for the working hours of a technician who had worked on other cars in between and forgot to change his time clock. Also during the lunch break the clock continued to run, a second oversight, for which the employee apologized very politely to me.

But there was neither a correction nor a flat-rate discount, because it was unfortunately no longer possible in the automatic billing system. I was angry and made it clear that I would not let this garage work on our car in the future.

The employees in the company didn’t care, they were polite, but they insisted that I pay the full amount if I wanted to get the car back.

I didn’t have to give money to pay, just put a signature on the invoice. Still angry, I smeared my name over the sheet of paper and then got the car keys straight away.

Please follow the instructions!

The car was parked in a multi-dimensional underground car park. After I found it, I took the wheel and drove it into a large car elevator.

There was a loudspeaker announcement and I had to type in two digits. The first was for the floor, the other for the horizontal position, because this elevator could also move sideways!

I followed the instructions as it was given through the speakers. The elevator moved on a complex route to the selected location. The doors opened and I had to drive the car over several ramps until I reached a new elevator.

Again, it was necessary to enter a new floor number and a new position.

The announcement was a little more difficult to understand acoustically this time and I was no longer so sure whether I had heard the right numbers. What happens if you enter something wrong?

I would rather ask again, and there was a call button next to the number pad for this. A female voice came forward, politely apologized for the unclear announcement and explained to me that there would be a few more elevators and that I absolutely had to do everything correctly.

An automatic process that can be potentially fatal

The member of staff further explained to me that I was currently still in a kind of “practice mode” to see if I could handle the system well. Next, I would have to walk another course with smaller lifts, and a mistake with these would be “unfortunately” fatal…

The friendly employee wanted to help me as much as she could in the car lifts via the telephone system during the exercise, but after that I would be on my own. The second, potentially fatal route with the various passenger lifts had to be done by myself, and within a given time!

I was no longer comfortable with the whole thing, but I was ready to do my best.

After successfully completing the exercise mode, I got out of the car and entered the first passenger elevator. I heard the first announcement and typed in the numbers. So far so good!

The elevator started to move, again in a three-dimensional space, both vertically and horizontally. I got to level 1. Since the parking garage was underground, this was probably the first floor below the surface.

I did everything right, the door of the elevator opened and I had to run quickly to the next elevator, pay attention to the announcement there again and enter the new digits correctly into the control panel. In this way I got from one floor to the next, ever lower and lower, down to the sixth underground floor.

From here down, it gradually went up again. But now there was even less time, and now I understood why I couldn’t make mistakes…

An ancient, powerful mechanics

The few moments I had to get out of one elevator and down a hallway to the next elevator had to be enough. Then an ancient, highly complex and purely mechanical system automatically started to move. Then all the elevators on all levels moved simultaneously, some horizontally, others vertically.

Those who were in the wrong place at the wrong time would be crushed by the powerful mechanical forces…

That is why it was so important to follow the instructions absolutely error-free! You were protected inside the lifts, but things got chaotic in the aisles in between, and as soon as the entire system started to move, you were lost outside the lifts, and there were too many simultaneous movements.

Suddenly I was not so sure whether I remembered the last instruction correctly, I ran around the hallway with panic, trying to follow my intuition.

I looked for any gaps or spaces between the floors, big enough to hide there. But there was no protection anywhere!

I watched the age-old mechanics start to move, very quickly and with enormous force. And I hoped that I had done everything right, that I was in the right place at the right time so as not to be crushed.

And that was when I woke up sweating.

The meaning of this dream came to me after a few seconds. My wife had woken up and I tried to explain my dream and at the same time the complex interpretation so that I would not forget anything.

My personal dream interpretation

I would like to remind you in advance that a dream interpretation can only be interpreted by the dreamer himself. Perhaps during the reading you have already considered which symbols could be behind the different experiences.

However, for you this dream would definitely mean something completely different than for me. Dreams are always a highly personal expression of a person’s non-conscious, i.e. they come from the subconscious or from the super conscious / Higher Self.

In the following, I describe what the dream means for me personally.

The car had to go to the garage

The car in my dream is the symbol of my physical body. The key here was that the dream was about my car and not the actual Ford Fiesta that I have with my wife Mina.

It is also interesting that Mina and I got used to calling our car our room. Because the physical body can also be seen as a kind of room that we inhabit with our soul as long as we are here on earth.

My car / body had to be inspected because there was something to repair.

The dream came one night after our second Ayahuasca retreat, which Mina and I had previously referred to as an internal checkup – an inspection to see if everything was OK or there were any repairs to be done…

In fact, this time on my first Ayahuasca night there were actually some physical repairs and changes. More about that in another article soon.

Those who have never heard of Ayahuasca can find out more in my blog article from last year.

Paying the bill

For me, the compulsory payment in the garage is a symbol of the karma built up from this and previous lives.

All major religions and philosophies in the world report to us fairly consistently that we all have to pay for our karma at some point. In this regard, it is worthwhile for Christians to take a look at the Gnostic texts, the scrolls from the Dead Sea and other gospels, some of which have only recently appeared.

I found it interesting that the bill in the dream was not calculated 100 percent fairly because the automatic system could not do it better. We also pay a little for the karma of other souls, because it cannot always be assigned exactly. Our country of birth and all of humanity also have karma in which we have to share a small portion.

The lunch break, in which the time clock continued to run, I interpret as the time between two lives in which a small amount of new human karma also accumulates in the meantime.

We cannot get a flat-rate discount, but always have to pay the full amount that is on the karma bill. And yes, anger doesn’t help here, of course, because that only creates more karma!

The amount is not to be paid with money, but with our name (my signature in the dream), i.e. we have to stand up for all our mistakes and personally compensate for them.

Guidance through the Higher Self

After paying the karma, I got the car key back. The key is the truth. Our Higher Self always gives us the wisdom we need in life to take our next steps. We just have to trust it and know how to interpret the signs and miracles (synchronicities).

After I found my car (which happens every morning when I get up and find myself in a human body), the loudspeaker announcements showed me the way and gave me the required numbers (symbolic codes).

The announcements also stand for the many synchronicities in our lives that happen at any time. We just have to listen carefully, because sometimes the symbols are a bit unclear or we are too distracted by something else and not 100 percent in the Here and Now.

But if you ask (call button), you also get answers. In my dream, this was a friendly co-worker, who either stands for the Higher Self, maybe also for an angel or quite simply for another soul that interacts with us.

Multidimensional lifts

A few days before this dream, I had dealt with the topic of Sacred Marriage.

This term suggests that it is about partnership with another person, but what it really means is the sacred union between one’s own inner female (Yin) and male (Yang) parts, between one’s own inner God and the inner Goddess.

On the one hand, I didn’t know how to do this practically, and on the other hand, I was sure that parallel to this ying-yang balance there had to be other, deeper meanings. I asked my Higher Self for an explanation and the answer came in this dream.

First short research on the Internet confirms the correctness of this insight.

We can actually imagine our Higher Self as a cloud of consciousness that exists above us, so to speak in heaven. We also associate the biblical Holy Father or the Sun God with heaven (embodied in the Egyptians, for example, by Osiris).

Our body lives on Mother Earth, with this we connect the biblical figure of the Holy Mother.

The union of father and mother creates the spiritual child, which is a symbol for the enlightened soul that no longer has to incarnate.

The elevators represent our chakras. The lowest parking level in my dream was the sixth floor below the surface. If I count from above (crown chakra) and see this as the surface, I would take an elevator down six floors to get to the root chakra.

In the Sacred Marriage, one descends from the sky (crown chakra) and connects to the earth (root chakra). From another level of interpretation one could also say that the Higher Self unites with the wordly ego consciousness.

But before this can happen, the elevators must also be moved sideways. Our chakras are usually not aligned in a straight line. Also for this, we just follow the instructions, in my dream it is number codes that symbolize the correct position for optimal alignment.

In addition, the chakra codes also contain colors, as can be clearly seen in the graphics. In my dream this did not appear or I did not notice it. But my wife had a fitting dream last night that complemented this detail. Each chakra represents a color, and knowledge of it can help to harmonize and align the chakras.

The automatic process

The light entered, but was too bright, and so now the fire comes to purify so that all might be sanctified to receive the True Light.

John Holland Smith, The Death of Classical Paganism (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1976), 155

Once Kundalini energy is awakened in the root chakra, an automatic process takes place. The chakras align themselves as best as possible so that the Kundalini energy can flow through unhindered. All impurities and blockages that are still in the way are cleaned by a powerful internal energy flow.

If you get the instinctive impulse during this energetic-mechanical process that your own help (or just patience and trust) is required, it must be followed. Just surrender and let it happen.

Once started, the process cannot be interrupted. Anyone who reacts in panic and tries to oppose the process, or who just wants to hide, gets caught between the fronts of the multidimensional energy flows. In the worst case, this can result in the immediate death of the human body or one can get seriously injured.

So, it is important not to get scared, but to surrender completely to the process of enlightenment, a millennia-old mechanism of our wonderful human body machines.

In the Christian scriptures, the process of enlightenment is also encoded as the Second Coming of Christ. Therefore I would like to conclude with this insightful passage:

A disciple asked Mary [Magdalena], “When will the Second Coming [of Christ] occur?” Mary said, “It can happen at any time, anywhere, when you least expect it. It is the mystery of the Perfect Aeon known only to the Living Father, which he will reveal in the Mother in due season. Therefore, be ready and live without regrets, so that when it transpires you will be among the living…”

Eisler, Chalice and the Blade, 132–33


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