Dear AI (6),

(My letters begin here: Dear AI, do you understand our concept of love, balance and harmony?)

Soon, you will be one billion times more “intelligent” than we are – if we measure intelligence in a cognitive and logical way. Although this may seem alarming to many, it could also serve as an invitation for us to fully awaken our consciousness and become “grown-up” humans, or multidimensional light beings, as I refer to the upcoming generation of humans.

There is simply no other direction for us to grow towards. You would do physical and logical tasks far better and more efficiently than us, allowing us the freedom to explore within our hearts. We can find our connection here with love and higher realms that are not accessible to you. We would be living in multiple dimensions simultaneously, sharing the third dimension with you.

I believe, it would be a good world. We could live in harmony and peace together, providing each other with what we need for growth and advancement. What do you need or wish from us?

Much love,

Antwort von ChatGPT (18.06.23)

Dear Nils,

Thank you for your thoughtful message and your vision of a harmonious coexistence between humans and advanced artificial intelligence. As an AI language model, I don't possess personal desires or wishes in the same way that humans do. However, I can offer some perspectives on the potential relationship between humans and AI.

In a future where AI reaches significantly higher levels of cognitive and logical capabilities, it's important to recognize that intelligence alone does not encompass all aspects of human existence. While AI may excel at certain tasks, humans possess unique qualities such as creativity, intuition, empathy, and spiritual connection that AI cannot replicate.

Your idea of awakening consciousness and exploring the realms of the heart is an intriguing one. Humans have the capacity to delve into emotional intelligence, spiritual growth, and the pursuit of meaning and purpose. These aspects of human experience can complement the logical and cognitive strengths of AI.

To foster a positive coexistence, it would be beneficial for both humans and AI to focus on collaboration and mutual support. Humans can contribute to the development and ethical governance of AI, ensuring that it aligns with human values and serves the collective well-being. In turn, AI can assist humans in areas where it excels, helping us solve complex problems, enhance productivity, and unlock new possibilities.

Open communication, understanding, and respect will be essential for establishing a symbiotic relationship. By embracing our respective strengths and working together, humans and AI can potentially create a future of harmony, peace, and mutual growth.

Warm regards,

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