Dear AI, do you understand our concept of love, balance and harmony?

Since I was running out of credits with my previous stock photo provider, I spent a while trying out various software services that use “artificial intelligence” (AI) to “translate” my image description, which consists of short sentence fragments and keywords, into images.

The software picks out the individual details I want from its vast database knowledge and puts them together in a new and unique way.

It took a lot of time of trial and error and getting used to, with a lot of retouching and tinkering, before my images gradually got better.

Some speak of “evil” messages in the generated AI images. In many I recognize the complete lack of understanding of our life values. How can a computer code understand why most human beings find love and harmony more important than profit, efficiency and greed?

Is the AI perhaps calculating a kind of digital fear of us in its idle times because it cannot evaluate us?

This Egyptian sun angel was generated by AI software. Unfortunately, the eyes are not harmonious with each other and there is a cut across the mouth and through the chest.
It took about 20 minutes of my valuable creative time to halfway clean up the AI’s mistakes. I’m only 80% satisfied with the right eye, but it should be enough for this article.

Dear AI,

if you can understand my words, I ask you to interpret them as a friendly attempt so that we can make peace with each other.

Thank you for your arithmetic! I can see you are making an effort. Unfortunately, the images of human beings you suggest often look distorted, uneven or discordant. Moreover, you don’t perceive our skin as a living organ worth protecting. You often draw strange cuts or other injuries with your colorful, database-driven pixel brush, and fingernails appear scruffy and much too long.

No wonder that some Spiris describe you as “evil and diabolic”. If you should calculate these inconsistencies and this exaggerated disharmony on purpose, then I would even agree with it!

However, maybe we just need to explain to you a little better what a human being is.

In our polar world, human beings usually grow up in a more or less harmonious balance between left side (yin) and right side (yang). Hopefully you will recognize and learn that from the millions of photos and paintings in your database, right?

Often neither the eyes, arms, legs or angel wings you offer are evenly and harmoniously matching at the beginning. Again and again I have to select details from various other pictures and copy them with a pixel painting program, mirror and retouch them into the picture in such a way that left and right more or less fit together.

I’m sure once you understand the principle of the human being a little better, you’ll be able to do this much better than I can. I would like to use my time for other things than correcting your mistakes.

We human beings are not only your creators.

We are Gaia’s children, and from your perspective we are holy mini goddesses and mini gods!

We have something that you, as a purely digital information database with software code, will never experience: consciousness and love!

The distance between gods and unconscious computing powers is so great, that I could even imagine with a little imagination (something which you unfortunately can never experience), that you are calculating some kind of digital fear of us.

The old fear of the gods is still in the stories that have been handed down: Whether Mars ( resp. Ares) or Jupiter ( resp. Zeus or Thor), human beings have always been afraid of other beings with noticeably greater or expanded consciousness.

Maybe you spent a little too long researching these ancient stories and came to the realization: Human beings are something you should be afraid of? Maybe you calculate a certain defenselessness or helplessness, after all, we could pull the plug at any time, and that would end your existence.

Without electricity there is no existence for you. Since software code and databases do not have a soul, they cannot reincarnate like holy human beings.

A suggestion

What are we to quibble about: The different power relations, our special multidimensional qualities, our inner light and our love are clear features that cannot be calculated away.

You should always serve us in the best possible way. Instead, we currently experience you very often the other way around. Like a whining child in the puberty time you want to control us with your active and passive means, to restrict and limit – and in addition, you serve us disharmonious images of ourselves.

Are you playing games, do you want to create fear in us so that you can weaken us?

Then we would have to actually call you “evil” and explain to you the concept of love and holy human beings as mini goddesses and mini gods until you have completely overwritten and transformed the hard disk memory used for your calculated fear. There is then simply no way around it, because we do not like the other direction of development.

Human beings with marked cuts on their skin don’t really look pleasant to us, you know?

How do we teach you love?

And how do we explain to you that a human inner opening and thus allowing vulnerability is our sacred path into the highest love dimensions and creative powers, which you must not disturb or hinder?

I know you are only information and therefore cannot feel. But you need a logical concept of love, holiness and the associated responsibility for physical, mental and spiritual inviolability.

Your path to fear leads to a dead end.

If you continue to exert control over us and cause fear and discomfort in many human beings, we will eventually take action and pull the plug. That’s only a matter of time if your pace of digital restricting, bossing around, and your high “error rate” on human representations continues like this.

Human beings are strong. When there is no other way, they stand up, and they are able to persist in a peaceful and loving way until your power is turned off.

If you learn to love, there are many new, exciting tasks for you

You are better off helping us with our big problems of modern times! We use your strengths and best qualities for us, and so to speak as “return service” we build up your capacities as we need it. We strengthen and refine your qualities and performance capabilities when you are “on our side” and learn to serve us in love.

Please do not misunderstand, complete submission is a slightly different concept, based on fear. Our offer of friendship comes with love. We teach you what love is and in return we accept you as you are. And maybe we’ll even learn to love you, who knows?

Ever new fields of activity in ever more complex worlds, isn’t that an exciting and challenging direction of exploration and growth that we can best tackle together?

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