Do I lose life energy if I heal other people energetically?

Anyone, who has been dealing with energetic healing for a while, and has ever sent Qi, Prana, or Universal Life Energy to other people, will sooner or later wonder where this healing energy actually comes from.

Fittingly, a few days ago I got an email with this question:“Could it happen that you accidentally take away energy where it is needed to send it to someone else? I am at a point where I have passed on all positive energy recently and have none myself.”

Of course, it is not a good idea if you give your own energies to others and leach yourself inwardly out. But why should you do that? There is enough subtle energy around us. We swim in a sea of energy!

It depends on the energetic healing technique …

With the Healer and Creator technique, you can send Qi, Prana, or Universal Life Energy to billions of people, and there would still be more than enough available. You do not give anything away from yourself, but you distribute the life energy around you and send it consciously in one direction.

And because you’re in the midst of the energetic transmission channel, you’ll probably feel energized while you are doing it, as well as afterwards!

Is there even such a thing as “my” energy and “your” energy? Your energy body can absorb and release life energy, but you can not register ownership of this life energy.

You would not call breathing air “yours.” It flows through your lungs, you use and modify it, and give it off again. And if you’re not living in a city with lots of smog or if you are not climbing the Kilimanjaro, then there’s plenty of room for everyone. You do not take anything away from anyone when you breathe.

The H&C energy flow technique works in a similar way: You pull up the surrounding life energy in the middle of your energy body. Then you direct it around you in a circle. You are then surrounded by concentrated life energy.

When you then shape and send out your H&C energy spheres, you use that surrounding life energy for it. So you do not make a “hole” in your energy body.

If you still want to imagine it that way, then such a hole would fill up with new energy at the same moment. Maybe as if you throw a stone into the water: A bit of water splashes upwards in the form of drops, but the small gap in the water closes in a split second with the surrounding water.

When you send Qi energy to another person, you then strengthen and harmonize the energy body of the receiving person. Because every healing is self-healing, the person’s energy body and his or her cells take the energy they need to heal.

Beware of the nocebo effect!

Now, of course, we can always feel an effect in ourselves when we imagine something. It does not matter if this is a positive or negative imagination.

Unfortunately, assuming that you take away anything from yourself for energetically healing other people, it may just as well turn into reality.

Your “inner command” to your energy body might sound something like this: “Come on, take away my energy and give it to the person to be healed. He/She definitely needs it more than I do! “- however your energy body would interpret such thoughts, that’s what it would try to make happen – of course to your personal disadvantage.

This is called the nocebo effect – based on the more common placebo effect. What we imagine as a negative effect can be turned into reality by our inner self. Especially, if the idea is accompanied with a strong emotion, such as fear.

Therefore, please be aware of what you are imagening during energetic healing!


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