Positive Feedback on the Free Online Course

Some users of my free energetic healing technique Healer and Creator have already given me some very positive feedback:

  • “With the energy flow technique, I immediately felt a wakefulness and freshness in my head, as I have not felt for decades.”
  • “I have to say when I read it was for free, I was very skeptical at first. I could not watch all the videos because I was surprised by the energy that flooded me. In a very pleasant way. I almost felt like someone was saying within me, you’re finally back. I have not had the feeling of being with myself for years.” (Andrea)
  • “Hello Nils, thank you for this wonderful course. I’m excited … The exercises are awesome, my hands are glowing and I feel like I’m shining inside. Hard to describe, just a lightness, a feeling of happiness and somehow it seems familiar to me. It totally picks me up. (Michaela)
  • “Thank you very much! The exercises are very effective, the energies I feel are indescribably beautiful. It’s just awesome.” (Yildiz)
  • I just can’t find the right words to describe what is happening in me. All I can say is the course is fantastic.” (Barbara)
  • “Thanks for the course, I think it’s very clear, with well-described and shown exercises, and peaceful energy comes along. (…) I suddenly found out from your course why I had difficulties with energetic healing. Often, I was too much with the client and too little present in me. The energies in the hands I can perceive very well (…). I can only recommend the course to anyone who is interested in energetic healing!”  (Rita)

Of course, I am very happy about such great feedback. They show me how wonderful the energy and healing technique Healer and Creator works also for others.

And I am already very curious what you will write to me after you started practicing H&C on a regular basis. 🙂


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