It All Goes in my Green Smoothie!

For lasting health, continuous healing must be sought at all levels: energetic, mental, psychological and, of course, physical.

For several years now, my breakfast consists of three glasses of Green Smoothie. I am convinced that other meals would not give me the same, wonderful nutrient density.

With a Green Smoothie, my body cells and all the microorganisms living in our bodies receive so many nutrients every day that they can best fulfill their individual functions.

We live in an inner symbiosis

With microorganisms I mean our microbiome: Millions and millions of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi that live in harmonious symbiosis with us. Without them, we would not survive for a day.

For example, they convert indigestible plant fibers into short-chain fatty acids such as acetate, propionate and butyrate, which then fight inflammation in the intestine. They also give us vital nutrient combinations.

We have ten times as many of these micro-organisms in us as body cells. So they should be well looked after by us!

Past and present

When I started with Green Smoothies a few years ago, my photo of the ingredients looked quite different – really sparse from my point of view today!

Meanwhile, my wife and me always use several types of lettuce, many herbs, even the leafy green of carrots and beetroot, more nuts and seeds, less fruit and a bit of organic butter. or coconut oil.

In the meantime almost all ingredients of our Green Smoothies are in the best organic quality. Salad leaves, herbs and other leafy greens come from our own permaculture and mixed-crop garden, where, fortunately, we can harvest all year round.

How to make a healthy Green Smoothie

Here is an  ingredient list for Green Smoothies. With this list you no longer need smoothie recipes, just try it out and vary every day!

For the right creaminess and consistency, I always use some banana, mango and/or avocado. The amount of water you add to your smoothie mixer is a matter of taste and habit.

A word on the healthy amount of fruit in your Green Smoothies: Use only as much as you would eat normally, or rather a little less. Fruits are very healthy in moderation, but they also contain an incredible amount of sugar, which unfortunately is no better or healthier for us than regular industrial sugar.

Energetic potentiation of your food

Green smoothies provide us with plenty of nutrients and energy. But you can even potentiate the beneficial effects by energetically “treating” your ingredients before preparation. Or you can instead supercharge the finished smoothie with an extra amount of energy.

All you need is your clear intuition and your hands. If you already know an energetic healing technique (like Reiki), you probably already know how to do it.

If this is new to you or if you would like to learn another energy and healing technique, download my free ebook now and I’ll show you exactly how the Healer and Creator technique works. With the H&C technique, you can easily charge your green smoothies energetically.

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