Energy Healing: Please Don’t Forget the Self-Responsibility

Have you ever gone to an energetic healer because of a chronic illness or a constant unease?

Have you tried Reiki, Rebirthing, singing bowl therapy or other alternative healing methods for a while?

If you went to an experienced healer, you probably felt better after a session than before, and your physical ailment was initially forgotten or at least significantly improved.

But did the healer also coach you to change things and habits in your life that have led to this disease or discomfort? Or were you working on these things separately with a coach?

Because if you do not change anything in your life after an energetic healing treatment, then you will probably soon feel the same again as before … Because the causes have not changed!

It’s a bit like going to a doctor who regularly prescribes you a pack of pills. The healer may have cleaned and balanced your energy centers. But if you continue your life as you did before, you will most likely fall back into the same imbalance.

It may look a little different when you learn an energy and healing technique that you frequently practice yourself. Regularly balancing your own energy centers and strengthening and harmonizing your inner energy flow in the body can also help improve chronic conditions and resolve underlying issues.

Of course, you can also go to an energetic healer who guides and supports you in your healing process. But then at home, you should practice your own energy and healing techniques in order to maintain your energetic balance in everyday life.

With this balance, it will certainly be easier for you to sense underlying feelings that may have led to your illness or discomfort. When you engage with these feelings or thoughts inwardly, you can gradually change your life in a positive direction.

So, self-responsibility is needed!

Other people can help you with a healing process, but they are not responsible for your healing. Every healing is self-healing. You are healer and creator and with the right techniques you can easily change your feeling and thinking (and thus your life) positively.

If you want to experience an easy-to-learn and very effective energy and healing technique that you can easily practice yourself, read my free ebook “You are Healer and Creator” today!

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